Program / Schedule 2023

Morning networking run

008:00 - 08:30 TBC

Run 5-7km in Budapest with like-minded peers at an easy tempo so you can also network while enjoying the sights.

Start networking right away. There are probably many friends waiting to shake your hand.

Location: In front of the Mercure Budapest City Center

The Intersection of Gambling Industry with Fintech


As the worlds of gambling and financial technology continue to converge, exploring the dynamic relationship between these two industries has become essential for industry professionals, regulators, and technology enthusiasts alike.

This thought-provoking panel brings together experts from the gambling and fintech sectors who will explore the opportunities, challenges, and transformative potential arising from the intersection of these industries. Through engaging conversations and practical insights, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the gambling industry and fintech.

Key Topics to be Covered:

  • Payments and transaction innovations: Examining how fintech advancements are transforming payment solutions in the gambling industry. Discussing digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, mobile payments, and other innovative transaction methods that enhance convenience and security for players.
  • Compliance and regulatory considerations: Addressing the regulatory landscape and compliance challenges faced by the gambling industry in the context of fintech integration. Exploring best practices for ensuring regulatory compliance while leveraging fintech solutions.
  • Data security and fraud prevention: Discussing the role of fintech in strengthening data security measures, fraud prevention, and identity verification within the gambling sector. Exploring how technologies such as biometrics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain can mitigate risks and enhance player trust.
  • Seamless user experiences: Analyzing how fintech solutions can improve user experiences in the gambling industry. Exploring personalized financial services, real-time analytics, and customized offerings that enhance player engagement and loyalty.
  • Open banking and collaboration opportunities: Exploring the potential of open banking initiatives and collaboration between gambling operators and fintech providers. Discussing how partnerships can drive innovation, streamline customer onboarding, and enable seamless financial transactions.
  • Responsible gambling and financial well-being: Addressing the importance of responsible gambling practices and the role of fintech in promoting financial well-being among players. Discussing tools, features, and educational resources that foster responsible gambling behavior and support financial management.
  • Emerging trends and future outlook: Gaining insights into the emerging trends and future possibilities at the intersection of the gambling industry and fintech. Exploring the potential impact of technologies such as AI, machine learning, and big data analytics on player profiling, risk assessment, and personalized offerings.

Whether you are a gambling industry professional, fintech enthusiast, regulator, or technology provider, this panel discussion promises to provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the gambling industry and the transformative potential of fintech. Don't miss the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions and shape the future of gambling experiences through the lens of fintech innovation.

Moderator: Viktoria Soltesz - Founder at PSP Angels

Compliance Challenges and Opportunities in the Balkan Gambling Industry


As the gambling industry continues to evolve, ensuring compliance with regulations and staying abreast of the latest developments is vital for businesses operating in the Balkan region.

This thought-provoking panel brings together industry experts, legal professionals, regulators, and representatives from gambling operators to explore the complex landscape of compliance in the Balkan gambling industry. Through insightful discussions and practical examples, attendees will gain valuable insights into the challenges, opportunities, and best practices related to regulatory compliance.

Moderator: Joe Ewens - Global Managing Editor at VIXIO Regulatory Intelligence

Morning networking session

11:10 - 11:45 Foyer - Breakout room

Coffee, snacks & networking. We need to feel that energy that usually is created instantly at our conferences.

AI and Machine Learning in the CEE region


This session focuses on the advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. As AI and ML continue to shape various industries, exploring their impact and potential within the CEE region is essential.

During this session, industry experts, AI practitioners, and technology innovators will discuss the current state and future prospects of AI and ML in the CEE region. The panelists will showcase successful use cases, industry-specific applications, and the overall ecosystem of AI and ML in the region.

The session will delve into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses and organizations in adopting AI and ML technologies within the CEE context. The panelists will explore topics such as talent acquisition, infrastructure development, regulatory considerations, and collaborative initiatives driving AI and ML innovation.

Moreover, the session will shed light on the role of AI and ML in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and addressing societal challenges in the CEE region. The panelists will discuss the potential for AI and ML to revolutionize sectors such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and public services, among others.

Attendees of this session will gain valuable insights into the current landscape and future potential of AI and ML in the CEE region. They will learn about real-world applications, successful case studies, and emerging trends, equipping them with knowledge to harness the power of AI and ML within their organizations.

Moderator: Anne-Marie Furtschegger - Public Affairs Consultant & Advisor at Hipther

VIP Style Ride to the Boat Port

13:15 In front of the Ritz-Carlton Budapest

Get ready to kick off an unforgettable boat tour with unmatched luxury and style. We're offering a VIP Style Ride via a stretch limousine to transport you to the boat port, where you will embark on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Budapest.

Why settle for anything less when you can start your tour feeling like a movie star? Slide into the plush interiors of our state-of-the-art limousine, equipped with premium amenities, ensuring your ride is as smooth as it is luxurious. Whether you're looking to discuss business or simply soak in the experience, our VIP ride sets the perfect tone for what lies ahead.

Networking Boat Cruise and Luncheon on the Danube - Budapest sponsored by #hipthers

14:00 - 16:00 Location: TBC

Experience the grandeur of Budapest in an unforgettable way as you sail down the iconic Danube River. Join us for a unique Networking Boat Cruise and Luncheon, a specially curated event that combines breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and exceptional networking opportunities.

As we gently glide along the water, you'll be treated to magnificent views of Budapest's most iconic landmarks, including the striking Parliament Building, the enchanting Buda Castle, and the historic Chain Bridge, all while soaking in the city's unique charm and rich history.

Our luncheon promises a delightful culinary journey. Savour a specially curated menu that showcases Hungary's traditional flavours and innovative dishes, prepared using locally sourced ingredients. Accompanied by a selection of fine Hungarian wines, this meal promises to be a feast for the senses.

But the true heart of this event is the opportunity it offers to network with like-minded professionals. Engage in stimulating conversations, forge new partnerships, or simply enjoy the company of fellow delegates in an informal and relaxed setting.

So come aboard, enjoy the enchanting backdrop of Budapest, and let the calming rhythm of the Danube inspire fruitful exchanges and meaningful connections. This is not just a boat cruise and luncheon, but a memorable journey into the heart of Hungary's capital, blending culture, cuisine, and conversation.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard for this unique networking opportunity on the beautiful Danube in Budapest.

CEEG Awards had been launched in 2016 and the awards ceremony is part of Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference, the leading boutique style gambling industry conference of the CEE, CIS and Balkans regions. Even at its inaugural edition, CEEG Awards has become the most important gaming industry awards in the region.

In later editions, the number of awards has been supplemented with many new exciting award categories being added to the list. A total of 20 award categories are available and we are continuing the same mission of creating an independent, fair and representative awards event that recognizes significant achievements within the CEE gaming industry.

The next edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Awards (CEEG Awards) will be held on the 16h of September in Budapest (Hungary) during the 7th edition of the CEEGC and aims to reward the hard work of companies (gaming software suppliers, operators and service providers) that are active in the Central and Eastern European region.

To provide a fully transparent process, the final winners of each category are decided by a special voting session during the conference.

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