Bernd Henning

Bernd Henning

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Bernd Henning is a high-profile iGaming consultant, a sought-after speaker, and a proficient trainer. With a career in business development across diverse sectors, his expertise now benefits established and new iGaming operators alike. His current focus revolves around setting up new operations or optimising existing ones, as well as leveraging AI and machine learning tools for enhancing competitive advantages.

In his distinguished career, Bernd’s roles have ranged from Chief Casino Director at Bet3000, or CEO at Merkur Interactive Services, where he centralized operations for various European Merkur brands, to Director of Business Development at myBet, where he expanded the B2B business into a separate profit center spanning multiple European countries.

Before iGaming, Bernd led business development in the real estate and automotive sectors, notably introducing sensor-driven robot systems to the top car manufacturers across Europe. His diverse, rich professional journey fuels his insightful and dynamic approach to the iGaming industry.

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