Merit Leib

Merit Leib

  • Compliance Consultant at LEIB Regulatory & Compliance Risk Consulting

Merit Leib is an expert in AML, GDPR, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance.

Her nearly 15 years of experience spans many sectors of the financial industry including banking, insurance, leasing, online gaming, and cryptocurrency.

In her role as Chief Compliance Officer at several companies, Merit has been responsible for continuously assessing, monitoring, and designing rules and procedures to protect the company in a world of rapidly changing regulations. She has served as the main interface between external regulatory bodies, such as the FSA, FIU, Data Protection Inspectorate, and the company’s Board of Directors and CEO.

In her various positions, Merit has prepared extensive reporting to management of the risks facing the company and provided mitigating solutions. In addition, she has arranged for employee training to ensure that employees understood how to remain within compliance. Her experience as an internal auditor and credit analyst at Danske Bank gives her additional insight into the inner working of financial institutions.

Having worked earlier in her career at two companies that had their licenses revoked, she has unique insights into the potential pitfalls faced by companies in today’s highly regulated and scrutinized environment. In addition, her experience in testifying as a witness in legal regulatory cases enables her to help clients who face such situations.

Lately, in the field of virtual currency, Merit has been a speaker at crypto conference and is an expert commission helping to develop a framework for internal auditors on how to evaluate VASPs (a new legal requirement where this field is new for internal auditors). Merit has a strong legal and financial background with master’s degrees in both Financial Management and Law. She is a native Estonian and is fluent in English.

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