EG Meetups & Conferences Speakers' Archive

Robert Lenzhofer
Pieter Remmers
Anne-Marie Furtschegger
Dr. Joerg Hofmann
Jan Urbanec
David Foster
Ann-Sofie Olsson
Genia Gurevitz
Simas Simanauskas
Assaf Stieglitz
Shay Kronfeld
Tal Itzhak Ron
Petra Maria Poola
Armen Tatarevic
Jessica Maier
Albert Malikov
Vladimir Malakchi
Robert Dowling
Rory Kimber
Rolf Sims
Charmaine Hogan
David Mann
Chris Strijbosch
Domenico Mazzola
Morten Ronde
Minna Ripatti
Gustaf Hoffstedt
Dr. Simon Planzer
Rasmus Kjaergaard
Birgitte Sand
Jeremiah Maangi
Iris den Boer
Liesbeth Oost
Araksi Sargsyan
Ilya Machavariani
Lazar Miučin
Marek Suchar
Lyubomira Lazarova
Dr. Robert Skalina
Andrius Gabnys
Cosmina Simion
Dan Iliovici

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