Explore the forefront of innovation with our esteemed lineup of exhibitors at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024. Dive into a world where cutting-edge technology meets the brightest minds in gaming and tech, setting the stage for an unforgettable showcase of the future.

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit Exhibitors 2024

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Atlas-IAC is a next-generation platform for iGaming operators, built by a team of industry professionals with key development offices in Europe.

Based on an in-house built proprietary core Platform and its components (Sportsbook, Casino, Risk Management Tool, CRM, Bonus Engine, Payment systems, Business Analytics, Retail and CMS), Atlas-IAC creates pioneering solutions to automate the work of employees in each department to maximise the profit and increase quality of product.

From rapid Sportsbook Integration to any existing website in just 2 days, to White Label allowing to launch business from scratch, to Turnkey solution ready for operation under your license and wallets – Atlas-IAC got you covered with the most technologically advanced iGaming platform.

Score your goal with Atlas-IAC!

Confirmo stands out as a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency payment gateway, serving a broad spectrum of clients from large enterprises to small businesses, including notable names like FTMO, Alza, Qerko, among others. These clients benefit from Confirmo’s easily integrated API, competitive fees, and exceptional support.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of products, including a versatile cryptocurrency payment gateway, customizable crypto invoices, automatic conversions to fiat, and a free point-of-sale app for Bitcoin Lightning payments, coupled with a WooCommerce plugin for seamless WordPress integration.

By leveraging Confirmo’s secure and user-friendly payment solutions, businesses can tap into the growing market of crypto users, positioning themselves at the forefront of the digital payment revolution. 

GR8 Tech is an international iGaming provider of high-performance Sportsbook and Casino platform.

GR8 Tech’s flagship product, GR8 Sportsbook, renowned for its exceptional event coverage and robust feed, manages heavy user loads with real-time anti-fraud processing and advanced margin management capabilities. Complementing the Sportsbook, GR8 Tech’s portfolio includes the GR8 Casino platform, vital standalone products like CRM, payment gateway, player account management, etc., and tailored solutions like iGaming Launch and iGaming Upgrade.

Focused on the personalized approach and lifetime partnership, GR8 Tech perfectly alleviates iGaming operators’ challenges by delivering customized, scalable solutions that evolve with business growth.

The Institute for Gambling Regulation (“Institute”) is an association established in 2018 and is a self-governing and independent organization with voluntary participation. At the same time, it is the largest national professional association in the field of gambling, representing 95% of the legal gambling market in the Czech Republic. The Institute’s members include gambling operators, individuals appointed by the Ministry of Finance for expert assessment and certification, hardware and software equipment manufacturers, and partner associations.

Mazing was established with the vision of positively influencing businesses, individuals, and the environment. Many companies face challenges in differentiating themselves from competitors, suffering from low conversion rates and a high volume of inquiries due to inadequate imagery that fails to convey sufficient product information. Mazing addresses this issue by offering an augmented reality solution that allows online shoppers to view products in 3D on the company’s website and visualize them within their own space, enhancing customer experience and decision-making.

Pixpel.io: Beyond gaming—unlock a world where NFT insurance, a seamless DEX, dynamic Launchpad, secure Wallet, and insured NFT Marketplace merge. Dive in, game on, worry less.

PSP Angels simplifies payments and banking with an independent, unbiased, and honest consultancy approach. As industry experts, they lead in setting standards for excellence and innovation within the payment and banking sector. Their team fosters strong relationships with banks and payment providers globally, offering clients the latest and most effective payment solutions. Their mission focuses on providing guidance, insights, and tailored strategies to enhance operations, ensuring clients stay ahead in the online payment landscape. PSP Angels aims to demystify the complexities of banking and payments, educating businesses on compliance and international banking rules, with a vision to revolutionize the industry.

Revpanda, an award-winning digital marketing agency, empowers top iGaming brands in enhancing their marketing revenues through services such as SEO, PR & Link building, copywriting, translation, and payment method testing.

SYNOT Games is a team of iGaming enthusiasts, constantly keeping in touch with innovation and striving for perfection. With more than 30 years of previous experience in gaming. SYNOT Games creates original slots with remarkable visuals and maximum playability and their portfolio includes more than 130 titles which are certified by independent accredited testing laboratories (GLI, ITC, TSU) for several jurisdictions including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Croatia, Greece, UK, Malta, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Switzerland.

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    Why sponsor a HIPTHER event?

    Supporting our events as a sponsor provides a unique opportunity to engage with a well-defined audience within the iGaming industry.

    How HIPTHER Makes the Difference

    Trust in HIPTHER is not just founded on our words, but our actions and results. We welcome you to become a part of our success story.