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TECH Quarterly Meetup Series

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Virtual Reality, and more...


The TECH Q Meetups are designed to keep you up-to-date with what is fresh in several TECH industries such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, fintech, virtual reality, streaming, and more.

The meetups are hosted quarterly and feature several panel discussions and topics that are joined by key industry experts, CEOs, C-Level Executives, Business Development Managers, and sometimes government officials/regulators.

All meetups offer the opportunity to join a round table discussion that answers all burning questions and focuses on forward-thinking ideas at a certain point in time during the year.

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    TECH Q Meetups

    Program - TECH Q1 Meetup - 14 March 2023

    What is ESG, and why is it important?

    15:45 - 16:20 CET / 10:45 - 11:20 EST / 07:45 - 08:20 PST Online

    Investing responsibly often comes down to making the right choices from environmental, social and governance (ESG) perspectives. With investors increasingly concerned about ESG issues, understanding how a company approaches these topics is essential for decision-making in today's financial markets.

    Fireside chat with - CEO

    16:20 - 17:00 CET / 11:20 - 12:00 EST / 08:20 - 09:00 PST Online

    Teaching machines to create outstanding experiences.

    Crypto Catchup with Segev LLP

    17:00 - 17:45 CET / 12:00 - 12:45 EST / 09:00 - 09:45 PST Online

    In this edition of Crypto Catchup with Segev LLP, esteemed legal professionals Heena Han and Greg McMullen are joined by special guest Richard Wang, CEO & Cofounder of Metalistings. Together, they will provide an in-depth analysis of the most recent cryptocurrency trends in early 2023, examine the emerging realm of Metaverse real estate, and delve into the new details of the FTX scandal, which is turning out to be more about fraud than about cryptocurrency.

    Strategic Partners

    Past Edition Speakers

    Dr. Hamish McDougall
    Lisa Karran
    Santiago Jaramillo
    Matt Bailey
    Amy Casson-Hughes
    Simona Andrijauskaitė
    Bart Barden
    Amy Li
    Peter Bassill
    Leon Allen
    Holly Owens
    Stephen A. Crystal
    Nicky Getley
    Stav Pischits
    Daniele Alfonso
    Flavien Guillocheau
    Henrietta Lukács
    Emilia Zăinel
    Jovita Gabnienė
    Konrad Gill
    Felix Negoiță
    Péter W. Szabó
    Wayne Kimmel
    Matt Davey
    Lloyd Danzig
    Daniel Bernard
    Alex Iaroshenko
    Marius Adomnica
    Stefania Barbaglio
    Dr. Mihaela Ulieru
    Irina Karagyaur


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