Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is a premier conference that began its journey in 2017 as the Prague Gaming Summit. In 2023, it evolved into the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, reflecting its broader focus on both gaming and technology. The event has garnered significant attention, with major Czech media outlets highlighting its contributions and several news sites quoting its proceedings. The 2023 edition witnessed a remarkable doubling in participant numbers, emphasizing its growing importance in the industry.

Each year, the summit plays host to a plethora of leading figures from various sectors. The 2024 edition, themed ‘Via Infinita’ or the Infinite Way, promises an exploration of the limitless opportunities and innovations defining the future of gaming and technology. Scheduled from March 25-27, this event is not just a conference but an experience, inviting attendees to delve deep into the ever-evolving realms of iGaming, eSports, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and immersive technologies.

Having consistently grown over the past eight years, the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit has set the gold standard for boutique-style events in the Central and Eastern European region. It serves as a vital platform connecting decision-makers, industry leaders, and key stakeholders. As we approach Spring, this summit offers an unparalleled opportunity for knowledge acquisition and networking, featuring an impressive lineup of C-level executives, compliance experts, and government officials.

Get your brand and product in front of the Prague Gaming & TECH Community in 2024

#ExhibiMeet Prague

ExhibiMeet: Go beyond the generic exhibition experience and endless back-to-back meetings! Make room for some up, close, and personal meetings and quality time with new prospects and old clients alike at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. Time to ExhibiMeet with the #hipthers!

At Hipther Agency, we believe that networking should be more than just exchanging business cards and shaking hands. That’s why we’ve created ExhibiMeet, a boutique exhibition solution that takes your event experience to a whole new level.

We are offering a dedicated space for companies to showcase their offerings compactly and efficiently. This is a fantastic way to maximize your brand’s visibility and engage with attendees.

Tabletop Booth Package – Only 1500 EUR

Features include:

  • A dedicated space tailored for tabletop displays.
  • A 120×200 cm rollup banner positioned prominently at the back.
  • A table to display flyers, brochures, or other promotional materials.
  • 1-2 chairs for your representatives to engage with attendees.
  • Two standard conference passes, granting you and a colleague full access to all the summit’s sessions, offerings, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Given the unique nature of this offering and the limited availability, these booths are selling out rapidly. We encourage you to act swiftly to secure your spot and make the most of this exclusive opportunity.

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    Become a sponsor at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit in 2024

    Why sponsor a HIPTHER event?

    Supporting our events as a sponsor provides a unique opportunity to engage with a well-defined audience within the iGaming industry. Here are the key reasons why you should consider this:

    Proven Track Record: Hipther Agency has been organizing high-quality conferences in various sectors since 2016, demonstrating our ability to host successful events that provide value to sponsors and attendees alike.

    Broad Audience Reach: Our events consistently draw a diverse audience from multiple sectors. This not only gives sponsors unparalleled exposure but also opens doors to new markets and customer segments.

    Targeted Exposure: With +150 participants per event, your brand will be showcased to a captive and relevant audience. Our participants predominantly comprise operators (36%), providers (28%), and aggregators (17%), ensuring your brand is presented to key industry players.

    Strong Industry Representation: Our attendee profiles typically include operators, providers, aggregators, service providers, compliance experts, government officials, and regulators. By sponsoring our events, you’ll gain visibility among these influential groups, positioning your brand at the forefront of their minds.

    Networking Opportunities: Our events are designed to foster interaction and engagement among attendees, providing ample opportunities for networking. As a sponsor, your brand gains exclusive access to these interactions, creating opportunities for business growth and partnerships.

    Market Insights: By being present at our events, you can gain first-hand insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the iGaming industry. This knowledge can inform your business strategies and keep you ahead of the curve.

    Community Engagement: Sponsoring our events demonstrates your commitment to supporting the iGaming industry. It’s an excellent way to contribute to its growth, show your company’s engagement with the community, and foster goodwill among industry stakeholders.

    Brand Visibility: With our range of sponsorship options, your brand will be showcased prominently throughout our events, allowing for maximum visibility and brand recognition.

    Trust in the power of a Hipther event to amplify your brand, deliver impactful connections, and elevate your business within the industry. We believe in creating a supportive platform for our sponsors that aligns with their marketing strategies and business objectives.

    How HIPTHER Makes the Difference

    Entrusting your brand to HIPTHER as a sponsor comes with numerous benefits owing to our track record and credibility in the industry:

    Experience & Expertise: As a seasoned organizer in the industry, HIPTHER possesses the know-how to execute successful events. Our expertise is not limited to logistics but extends to understanding industry dynamics, trends, and audience needs.

    Proven Success: Our past events have consistently drawn a diverse and influential audience from across the iGaming industry, which attests to our ability to create engaging and relevant platforms for knowledge exchange and networking.

    Quality Content: We prioritize quality over quantity. Our events are known for their comprehensive and insightful content delivered by a roster of high-caliber speakers. As a sponsor, your brand will be associated with this content excellence.

    Strong Industry Relationships: Our long-standing relationships with key players, thought leaders, and influencers in the iGaming industry add credibility to our events. Sponsors can leverage these relationships to increase their brand’s reach and visibility.

    Customer-Centric Approach: At HIPTHER, we believe in creating win-win situations for our sponsors and attendees. We work closely with our sponsors to understand their objectives and tailor sponsorship packages that deliver value and return on investment.

    Innovation: We are constantly adapting and innovating to keep our events relevant and engaging. As a sponsor, your brand will be part of these innovative experiences that excite and attract our audience.

    Trust in HIPTHER is not just founded on our words, but our actions and results. We welcome you to become a part of our success story.

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      Why sponsor a HIPTHER event?

      Supporting our events as a sponsor provides a unique opportunity to engage with a well-defined audience within the iGaming industry.

      How HIPTHER Makes the Difference

      Trust in HIPTHER is not just founded on our words, but our actions and results. We welcome you to become a part of our success story.