YourWay Launches Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls and Live Resin All-in-One Vape Under VenomX Brand in Arizona


YourWay Cannabis Brands Inc. (CSE: YOUR) (OTC: YOURF) (FSE: HOB) (the “Company” or “YourWay”), a consumer-centric House of Brands committed to redefining the way consumers and cannabis brands interact, is proud to announce the launch of two new cannabis products under the VenomX brand in Arizona. The new products include Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls and a Live Resin All-in-One Vape. The products will be available for shipment to retailers in the first week of April 2023.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of two exciting new VenomX branded products into the Arizona market,” said Jacob Cohen, YourWay’s President of Arizona Operations. “With the launch of our Diamond-Infused Pre-Roll, we are broadening the reach of the VenomX brand and our 1.0g Live Resin All-in-One Vape expands our current portfolio to meet the demands of consumers in these key categories.”

The Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls mark the first-ever launch of VenomX flower products. It combines pure THCa diamonds with premium cannabis to provide an enhanced smoking experience for customers. Mr. Cohen emphasized, “Our hope is that the Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls will continue delivering on what VenomX customers love, a potent cannabis brand they know and trust at an affordable price.”

In addition, the Live Resin All-in-One Vape offers an all-cannabis-derived 1.0g all-in-one device that heats the live resin high terpene extract and distilled cannabis oil to the optimal temperature for enjoying the unique terpene profiles. “When we made the decision to expand the VenomX vaporizer portfolio, we were focused on meeting consumer demand for a live resin all-in-one device,” said Mr. Cohen.

The VenomX brand is available in over sixty locations across Arizona. YourWay is committed to providing consumers with high-quality cannabis products that meet their needs, and these new products are an excellent addition to the portfolio.

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