Delic Announces Alyson Charles, Shaman and Best-Selling Author to Keynote at The World’s Premiere Psychedelic and Wellness Event: Meet Delic, November 6-7, 2021

Delic Holdings Corp. (“Delic” or the “Company”) (CSE: DELC) (OTCQB: DELCF) (FRA: 6X0), the leading psychedelic wellness platform, today announced that Alyson Charles will serve as one of the keynote speakers at Meet Delic the world’s premiere psychedelic and wellness edutainment event catering to both curious newcomers, business and thought leaders.

Renowned Shaman, Best-Selling Author of ‘Animal Power,’ and Host of Ceremony Circle PodcastAlyson Charles, went from being a national champion athlete, top-rated radio host and national daytime television talk show host, to aligning with her calling as a Shaman after a traumatic moment provided her awakening.  Since then, her ability to share ancient sacred wisdom and divine energy has allowed her to be a powerful catalyst for change that ignites  a global phenomenon. Forbes has called her both “a leading Shaman for expanding others into their full gifts and power” and “a full-fledged guide into your psyche,” Oprah Magazine named Alyson’s guided Shamanic journey “a top meditation to try,” Huffington Post championed her as “a top limit-breaking female founder,” Dazed Magazine named her “one of the top seven wellness accounts on Instagram” and Marie Claire Magazine selected her as the cover story and “the next big thing.”

“With so many people feeling a pull toward psychedelics, having education-based events with diversity and unity like Meet Delic are more important than ever,” said Alyson Charles. “I’m so excited to be able to share my deep reverence, teachings and personal experiences of my devotion and calling to Shamanism.”

Charles’ keynote appearance, Surrender & Integration: Creating Soul and Plant Spirit Alignment to Master the Journey, will discuss connecting to one’s full Divine power and spiritual gifts. Her presentation will cover how working with psychedelics is not something to be forced or taken lightly, but rather a potential process to open oneself up to with sacredness and to heed only when a genuine call to enters in. It’s a deep journey of learning to trust in oneself and Divine timing.

“Alyson brings an incredibly powerful and personal story to the journey we all must go through to connect with ourselves and how psychedelics can be powerful tools along the way,” said Delic co-founder, Jackee Stang. “I’m excited for her to share more with our diverse audience of psychonauts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and those brand new to psychedelic wellness.”

Meet Delic will feature dancers, music, 3D mapping, new technologies and research, thought-provoking presentations and the world’s largest psychedelic business expo.

Tickets are now available for the two-day experience. For more information please visit, Follow us on @meetdelic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Tickets available now.

Meet Delic is a subsidiary of Delic, which is focused on bringing psychedelic wellness to the mainstream. The company does this through an umbrella of related owned and operated businesses to support scaling the impact and reach of treatment, including 1) trusted media and e-commerce platforms and in-person events like Meet Delic to market the services directly to patients and consumers and gain data, 2) a licensed lab to develop IP, R&D and innovative high quality and safe product lines and 3) the largest and most accessible network of physical clinics to administer effective treatments.

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