Changemakers: Is the SEC’s Support a Boon for Manifest Climate’s Growth?


BetaKit proudly presents Changemakers, an AWS Startups series highlighting Canadian tech firms tackling complex global challenges.

With greenhouse gas levels soaring, over a million species facing extinction, and resource depletion outpacing renewal rates, urgent action is needed. Recent mandates from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ottawa underscore the importance of climate reporting for public companies.

For Toronto-based Manifest Climate, this regulatory shift isn’t just a compliance hurdle but also an opportunity to reshape businesses’ approach to market dynamics.

“We are amidst the largest societal transformation driven by climate change impacts,” says Laura Zizzo, Manifest Climate’s co-founder and CEO. “Everyone must rethink their business strategies as the fundamentals of commerce evolve.”

Manifest Climate, born from a consultancy led by Zizzo and Jeremy Greven, now the company’s president, leverages AI to help firms understand and mitigate climate risk exposure. Their software analyzes various metrics, from emissions to management reporting, to provide insights and frameworks for addressing climate risks and opportunities.

Manifest Climate ensures compliance with global reporting standards and uncovers unconventional avenues to drive business performance through a climate lens. By tying sustainability metrics to executive compensation, for instance, companies can boost profitability and lower emissions.

The platform’s speed is a game-changer, saving up to 75 percent of manual time and effort and reducing compliance costs by up to 50 percent. With the ability to perform complex analyses in seconds, Manifest Climate offers scalability and agility crucial for navigating evolving regulatory landscapes.

Powered by AWS, Manifest Climate aims to accelerate the transition to a net-zero future. AWS Canada’s Head of Startups, Patricia Nielsen, underscores the pivotal role of technology in climate innovation.

Manifest Climate empowers companies across sectors to integrate climate action into their operations, turning climate risk into a market driver. By providing deeper insights and leveraging technology, Zizzo believes businesses can unlock new avenues for financial success and growth.

Regulatory mandates reflect the systemic risks posed by climate change, driving businesses to adopt climate-centric strategies. Manifest Climate’s innovative solutions unlock creativity and potential, paving the way for a sustainable future.