Fintica AI and Spark Systems to transform Singapore’s finance sector through new partnership


Fintica AI Ltd, a frontrunner in next-generation AI for the financial sector, and Spark Systems Pte. Ltd have forged a strategic alliance.

This collaboration aims to utilize Fintica AI’s distinctive unsupervised artificial intelligence technology to bolster Spark Systems’ business growth and global market outreach, particularly in Singapore and beyond.

Amidst a notable shift towards AI-driven solutions in Singapore’s finance sector, this partnership underscores a strategic endeavor to seize the rising significance of AI in finance.

Renowned for its state-of-the-art AI solutions tailored for financial institutions, Fintica AI empowers advanced data analysis and decision-making processes.

In contrast, Spark Systems holds a prominent position in the foreign exchange trading domain, offering innovative trading platforms and solutions worldwide.

By integrating Fintica AI’s technology into Spark Systems’ offerings, the partnership aims to enhance efficiency, profitability, and innovation in foreign exchange trading. This collaboration underscores Singapore’s dedication to fostering a dynamic financial ecosystem embracing technological advancements.

The decision to form this strategic alliance reflects the mutual commitment of both companies to pioneer transformative initiatives in the financial sector.

Wong Joo Seng, Executive Director and CEO at Spark Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Spark Systems is delighted to collaborate with Fintica AI and its cutting-edge AI technology team focused on trading financial markets. Artificial intelligence is no longer a figment of science fiction; it’s tangible and happening now. Traders equipped with AI will wield the most significant advantage the industry has seen to date.”

“We are thrilled to partner with our esteemed Singaporean counterpart to spearhead transformative initiatives in the foreign exchange trading realm,” said Philippe Metoudi, Chief Executive Officer of Fintica AI. “This partnership will enable us to leverage each other’s strengths, tap into the vast potential of Singapore’s financial institutions and fintech ecosystem, and deliver innovative solutions that will redefine the future of foreign exchange.”