Strengthens Leadership with Craig Saunders from Amazon as New Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, the innovative AI-driven composable software platform empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to digitize their operations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Saunders as Vice President of Artificial Intelligence. Saunders, a seasoned expert in the field of AI, joins from Amazon, where he spent seven transformative years within the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) organization.

During his tenure at Amazon, Saunders played a pivotal role in driving advancements in AI technology, particularly in the realm of voice assistant technology with Alexa. He spearheaded the development of foundational Knowledge Graphs for General Q&A on Alexa, fostered strategic partnerships with leading universities, and initiated initiatives like FEVER (Fact Extraction and Verification) to advance the accuracy of knowledge graphs through collaboration with the academic community. Saunders also led efforts in Natural Language Understanding, leveraging seq2seq models in Alexa, and led a team that unified multiple Alexa Q&A systems. In 2022, he oversaw the development of the next generation of textual Large Language Models and enhanced personalization for Alexa.

“Craig’s outstanding contributions to the field of AI, coupled with his visionary leadership, make him an invaluable addition to our team,” said Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder & Chief Wizard of “His expertise extends beyond technology to driving innovation at scale and delivering exceptional customer experiences. I am delighted to welcome Craig aboard and eager to witness the impact of his leadership on our AI capabilities and product offerings.”

In his new role, Saunders will lead’s AI teams, with a focus on expanding and enhancing the company’s AI capabilities, including Natasha, the world’s first AI product manager, and its groundbreaking Code Generation System, which automates the transition from user conversations to functional code. Saunders’ deep expertise will play a crucial role in accelerating’s mission to deliver tailored software solutions with unparalleled efficiency.

“Joining represents a natural progression in my career, allowing me to push the boundaries of AI and machine learning solutions further,” commented Craig Saunders. “I am excited to contribute to the development of cutting-edge AI solutions that will revolutionize software development and empower our customers to achieve their business objectives.”

Saunders holds a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of London and has extensive experience in academia, having served as faculty at Royal Holloway, University of London, and the University of Southampton. Prior to joining, he applied his expertise in machine learning to various industries, including transportation, healthcare, and finance, during his tenure at Xerox. Saunders is also a prolific author, having published over 70 academic papers and holds several patents.

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