Microsoft launches cybersecurity initiative for rural hospitals in the USA


A new security program is set to offer grants and discounted security services to rural hospitals in the USA, complemented by free training and support services.

Microsoft is launching the Microsoft Cybersecurity Program for Rural Hospitals, aiming to bolster the cybersecurity defenses of these organizations. Under this initiative, rural hospitals will receive a range of technology services at discounted rates, coupled with free training and ongoing support. Moreover, larger hospitals already using Microsoft services will gain access to advanced security solutions at no additional cost for a year.

This collaborative effort involves Microsoft, the White House, the American Hospital Association (AHA), and the National Rural Health Association. Over the past few months, these entities have collaborated to determine the most beneficial and impactful services and solutions for hospitals seeking to fortify their cybersecurity measures.

The program’s reach extends to approximately 2,100 hospitals across the USA, catering to the healthcare needs of over 60 million Americans. Rick Pollack, president and CEO of the AHA, stressed the vital role rural hospitals play in their communities and expressed gratitude for Microsoft’s commitment to safeguarding America’s healthcare safety net.

In addition to this initiative, Microsoft continues its efforts through the AI for Health program. This program collaborates with nonprofits, researchers, and organizations to address global health challenges, particularly in telemedicine and clinical decision-making.

Justin Spelhaug, corporate vice president of Microsoft Philanthropies, emphasized the importance of ensuring healthcare accessibility regardless of location, highlighting the growing threat of cyberattacks on rural hospitals and underscoring Microsoft’s dedication to providing essential technology security and support to safeguard these vital institutions.