Apple Intelligence: Tech giant unveils new AI iPhone, iPad and iMac features amid OpenAI deal


Apple has entered the AI arena with plans to integrate the technology into its latest devices, including incorporating ChatGPT into its Siri assistant.

During Monday’s presentation, Apple unveiled new features as part of its foray into the artificial intelligence (AI) race, announcing the introduction of “Apple Intelligence” to iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices.

“We’re excited to usher in a new era of innovation with Apple Intelligence. This technology will revolutionize user experiences with our products, offering enhanced capabilities and personalized interactions,” stated Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Emphasizing privacy and security, Cook assured users that the AI would be accessible in a completely secure manner.

The announcement was made at the company’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), as Apple aims to close the gap with early AI leaders like Microsoft and Google.

Apple is leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT to enhance its virtual assistant Siri, making it more intelligent and helpful. The integration of ChatGPT into Siri will be available to all iPhone users, with plans to extend it to other Apple products in future operating system updates.

According to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the collaboration with Apple aims to make AI more accessible and beneficial to users.

In addition to tapping into ChatGPT’s knowledge base, Apple is giving Siri a significant makeover to enhance its personality and versatility, expanding its capabilities to handle more tasks.

However, these new features will only be compatible with recent models of Apple devices due to the advanced processors required.

Furthermore, Apple announced plans to introduce Rich Communications Service (RCS) technology to its iMessage app, aimed at enhancing the security of messaging between iPhones and Android devices. Despite these improvements, the familiar blue and green bubbles indicating message types will remain unchanged.

In another update, iPhone users will soon be able to compose texts in advance or utilize AI tools to draft messages and schedule them for automatic sending at specific times.