XCAD Network Announces Second Creator Token $JAVI with YouTube Star RDjavi, following 100x Success of $DON

XCAD Network, a leading Watch2Earn tokenisation platform for YouTubers, electrifies RDjavi (Steven Santos)’s fanbase with the announcement of the $JAVI token. This innovative token creates a lucrative bond between the YouTube star and his millions of subscribers. With 2.79M subscribers and an average of over 3M views per video in the last 12 months. RDjavi is renowned for electrifying playthroughs of GTA V’s online version, GTA RP, and now, with $JAVI, fan engagement is expected to reach unprecedented heights.

Building on the explosive success of $DON (60x current ROI), the creator token launched for YouTube Star TheDonato, the $JAVI token connects Steven Santos and his YouTube channel RDjavi to his fanbase through exclusive activities and perks, bringing them closer to their favourite creator than ever before.

With $JAVI, fans can receive product rewards and perks such as participation in exclusive raffles and more. In addition, the token positions RDjavi’s fanbase as stakeholders in his content creator journey with a voting voice on his creative journey, creating a creative feedback loop between both the YouTuber and his fanbase. This further establishes a new trend, wherein the relationship between content creators becomes collaborative and mutually rewarding.

The $JAVI token has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with allocations distributed as follows: 30% for incentives, 15% for pre-sale, 30% for market making and exchange liquidity, 10% each for contributors and marketing, and 5% foundation.

Oliver Bell, CEO and Co-Founder of XCAD Network, is thrilled about the announcement: “The creator economy is evolving rapidly, and platforms like ours are leading the way. We are excited to launch $JAVI, a significant step toward redefining how fans and creators interact. This token empowers content creators to monetise their work while fostering deeper connections with their audience. With this token, fans become active participants in the creative process, creating a mutually rewarding relationship that is both creatively and financially enriching.”

Steven Santos shared his excitement: “This partnership is a milestone in my career as a content creator that turns my fans across the globe from passive viewers to active partners in our journey. The new precedent set for fan engagement and content monetisation with XCAD Network is setting an industry standard for the creator economy that I am excited to see cascade onto other content creators. Leveraging this token, fans feel empowered by a shared responsibility of creating quality content, and rewarded throughout this journey, which seismically shifts the dynamics of content creation.”

The $JAVI token reshapes the role of fans from enthusiastic viewers to enthusiastic contributors to the journey of the content creator, whereby a shared ownership of the creative journey is established. This tokenized approach not only offers rewards but empowers fans to shape the content they love.

XCAD Network’s new creator token marks another step in its roadmap to empower the creator economy, after the launch of the $DON token, which skyrocketed to 100x within the first 24 hours, now sitting at 60x.

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