NFT Platform Voice Celebrates Earth Month By Going Carbon Negative


Voice, the NFT platform for creators, is kicking off Earth Month with a pledge to plant a tree for every NFT created on their platform during the month of April, supporting reforestation efforts that have a long-term impact on rebuilding the Earth’s overall health. The pledge is part of the platform’s commitment to leading the way in future-proofing Web3 and the creator economy.

“Every NFT minted on Voice is already carbon neutral, so we’re focused on reforestation and moving towards carbon negativity,” says Salah Zalatimo, CEO of Voice. “Building a sustainable NFT ecosystem can’t be done only by offsetting.  We must also build a greener future.”

The month’s programming includes partnering with relevant creators and companies on an #ICreateCleanNFTs campaign, and both digital and in person events.

Voice has partnered with Ecologi, a platform for real climate action. Ecologi facilitates the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world. All trees planted on behalf of the Voice community during April will be transparently viewable on the platform’s virtual forest.

“We are delighted that Voice has partnered with us to celebrate Earth Month, pledging to plant a tree for every NFT created on their platform in April,” says Linda Adams, Head of Partnerships, Ecologi. “By pioneering the world’s first eco-friendly blockchain technology, and by encouraging other platforms to take responsibility for their emissions, Voice’s dedication to changing this notoriously energy-intensive industry is remarkable.”

Voice is built using EOSIO, the world’s first major environmentally friendly blockchain. EOSIO enables low carbon emission blockchain transactions by using a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm (DPoS), which does not require huge server farms to mine for a solution.  In DPoS, elected block producers (BPs) take turns producing blocks, with no need to solve complex mathematical problems. Therefore, the only carbon footprint created when using DPoS is the power associated with adding blocks of transactions to the blockchain.

Beyond pioneering an eco-friendly technology, Voice supports the Capricorn Ridge Wind Project, a wind generation plant in Texas. The company also partners with Google Cloud to ensure data usage is not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative. (source)

The blockchain industry at large has been widely criticized for its impact on the environment. Voice calls upon fellow platforms and organizations to consider a matching commitment to carbon negativity and to pursuing eco-friendly, sustainable initiatives year-round.

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