EFG Hermes acquires minority stake in Kenzi Wealth


EFG Hermes, the premier investment bank in the MENA region, has taken a bold stride into the future of investment management through the acquisition of a minority stake in Danish fintech company, Kenzi Wealth.

This strategic maneuver is poised to transform the way EFG Hermes’ clients engage with their investments, harnessing Kenzi Wealth’s cutting-edge AI-powered asset management technologies.

This newly forged investment and partnership signify a noteworthy milestone in EFG Hermes’ digitalization strategy, heralding a fresh era of investment prospects for clients. By amalgamating EFG Hermes’ extensive client base and acclaimed research prowess with Kenzi Wealth’s innovative AI tools, EFG Hermes aims to offer a more streamlined and personalized investment experience. With AI capabilities at their disposal, investors will gain access to a more sophisticated and tailored approach to managing their portfolios, enabling them to tailor their investment journey to suit their specific needs.

Ahmed Waly, Global Head of Brokerage at EFG Hermes, expressed confidence in the collaboration: “We are excited to collaborate with Kenzi Wealth, a company that shares our dedication to innovation and excellence. This significant move marks EFG Hermes’ entry into the realm of personalized investment tools utilizing state-of-the-art technology, thereby enriching our portfolio of products and services. The integration of our renowned research capabilities with Kenzi Wealth’s advanced AI-powered digital investment tools aligns with our joint vision to introduce a comprehensive and unparalleled end-to-end investment experience, setting a new benchmark in the industry.”

Mohamed El-Masri, Founder and CEO of Kenzi Wealth, echoed this sentiment: “We are pleased to join forces with EFG Hermes to deliver sophisticated investment features to clients, including advanced investment risk analytics, selection, portfolio construction, and rebalancing. This partnership positions us to offer investors innovative tools driven by technology and unparalleled research capabilities.”

A fusion of technology and expertise lies at the heart of this collaboration. As part of the agreement, EFG Hermes will leverage Kenzi Wealth’s technology to enhance its trading platform, EFG Hermes ONE, aiming to integrate research, trading, and portfolio management into a unified platform.

“We are dedicated to empowering our clients with the tools necessary for informed investment decisions and financial goals attainment,” stated Waly. “This partnership represents just the beginning. There are abundant opportunities for further synergies based on EFG Hermes’ ambitious fintech roadmap, aimed at expanding the array of investment products and services in collaboration with Kenzi Wealth.”

The specific terms of the transaction remain undisclosed, underscoring the strategic nature of the collaboration.

Source: bobsguide.com