AURU.M™ Achieves Softcap of £10 Million Prior to Public Launch, Marking the World’s Largest Security Token Offering (STO)

AURU.M™, the groundbreaking commodities-backed digital asset, proudly announces the achievement of its £10 million softcap ahead of its highly anticipated public launch. This milestone sets the stage for the world’s largest Security Token Offering (STO), underscoring the immense investor confidence and market demand for this innovative financial instrument.
AURU.M™ is backed by substantial gold reserves, combining the intrinsic value of precious metals with the efficiency and security of blockchain technology. This unique proposition offers investors a stable and transparent store of value, addressing the volatility often associated with digital assets.

Key Highlights of the AURU.M™ STO:

• Softcap Achievement: The initial funding goal of £10 million has been met through private and institutional investments, reflecting strong pre-launch interest and confidence in AURU.M™’s value proposition.

• World’s Largest STO:  With the softcap surpassed, AURU.M™ is on track to become the largest Security Token Offering globally, setting new benchmarks in the digital asset space.

• Commodities-Backed Stability: AURU.M™ provides a robust and reliable investment opportunity, leveraging the stability of gold to offer a secure digital asset for investors.

• Integration with QELT™: As part of the Quantum Financial System (QFS), AURU.M™ utilizes the advanced capabilities of the QELT™ platform, ensuring enhanced security, speed, and transparency in transactions.

Investor and Market Benefits:

• Enhanced Security: Utilizing blockchain and quantum-level encryption, AURU.M™ offers unparalleled security for all transactions.

• Transparency: Regular audits and transparent reporting ensure that the gold reserves backing AURU.M™ are verifiable and accessible.

• Global Accessibility: The integration with QELT™ allows for seamless cross-border transactions, making AURU.M™ a truly global digital asset.

• Stable Value: The commodities-backed nature of AURU.M™ provides a hedge against market volatility, offering a stable and reliable investment option.

Phil Ryan, CoFounder of AURU.M™, commented, “We are incredibly proud to have reached our softcap ahead of schedule, demonstrating the strong belief in the potential of AURU.M™. This achievement not only underscores the demand for stable and transparent digital assets but also marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the global financial system,” said Phil Ryan, co-founder of AURU.M™. “We look forward to the public launch and continuing to drive innovation in the digital asset space.”
Oliver Moorhouse, CoFounder of AURU.M™, added: “The success of our pre-launch phase is a testament to the robust foundation of AURU.M™. By combining the timeless value of gold with cutting-edge Quantum Enhanced Ledger Technology, we provide investors with a secure and transparent way to invest in the future. The upcoming public launch is set to redefine the standards of Security Token Offerings worldwide.”

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