LayerZero’s ZRO Token Now Tradeable on BitMEX with 2x Leverage

BitMEX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has added LayerZero’s upcoming token, ZRO, to its trading platform. As per an announcement from the BitMEX Blog on May 21, 2024, this latest addition is now tradable with leverage of up to 2x.

Trading for the ZRO token, listed under the name ZROUSDTZ24, officially kicked off on May 21, 2024, at 04:00 UTC. Traders and investors interested in exploring this new opportunity can find detailed specifications for this futures listing on BitMEX’s official platform.

LayerZero’s ZRO Token
LayerZero has been gaining prominence in the cryptocurrency sphere, and the imminent launch of its ZRO token has garnered significant attention. The availability of trading ZRO on BitMEX with 2x leverage provides traders with a chance to potentially amplify their profits, albeit with heightened risk.

BitMEX’s Ongoing Innovation
This latest listing reaffirms BitMEX’s dedication to offering its users a wide array of trading possibilities. By introducing tokens like ZRO prior to their official launch, the exchange enables traders to capitalize on the anticipation and potential price fluctuations surrounding such events.

BitMEX encourages anyone with inquiries regarding this new listing to reach out to their support team for further clarification and assistance.


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