launches blockchain platform for RWAs, CEO comments on tokenization

Operated on Arbitrum (ARB) Orbit and fueled by Gelato’s Rollup-as-a-Service, has commenced its journey strongly, with $40 million already locked in and 190 properties primed for tokenization.

The platform’s objective is to tackle persistent challenges in decentralized finance (DeFi) by enhancing asset accessibility for trading, fostering interoperability, and ensuring fluidity.

“With its speed, flexibility, and security, Arbitrum Orbit perfectly aligns with our goal of cultivating an ecosystem focused on tokenizing real-world assets,” explained Jag Singh, CEO of, elucidating the rationale behind their selection.

From its inception, offers users a diverse array of tokenized assets, encompassing real estate and Treasury Bills. Singh has introduced an inventive solution dubbed Basket tokens, which consolidate individual properties into a single, more liquid ERC-20 token. This innovative approach addresses common liquidity hurdles and streamlines the management and integration of these assets into other financial systems.

Initial Offerings and Innovations
“Decentralized finance strives to democratize financial services by eliminating the necessity for traditional intermediaries. By intertwining real-world assets into the Arbitrum ecosystem, is actualizing this vision,” remarked Peter Haymond from Offchain Labs, underlining the broader perspective.

“ is amalgamating sophisticated blockchain technology with practical web services, a fusion poised to accelerate the adoption of real-world asset applications and potentially reshape the blockchain landscape significantly,” expressed Hilmar Orth, founder of Gelato, showcasing his enthusiasm for the platform’s potential. collaborates with Gelato RaaS and other partners, including LayerZero and RedStone Oracles, to augment the capabilities and reach of its application ecosystem. This partnership enhances the platform’s functionality and ensures a more extensive impact within the blockchain community.


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