Weather forecasts revolutionized by Google’s Artificial Intelligence SEEDS


Artificial intelligence (AI) achieves another milestone: predicting climatic disasters.

Developed by Google, the generative AI SEEDS can generate weather forecasts with remarkable precision, even foreseeing future extreme weather events. This groundbreaking technology aims to enhance forecast accuracy while reducing associated costs, experts say.

In a world grappling with climate change-induced natural disasters, accurate weather forecasting is crucial for public safety. However, predicting weather, especially extreme events, is challenging due to various environmental factors.

SEEDS addresses this challenge by swiftly generating large quantities of weather forecasts. Unlike traditional methods requiring extensive data and computational resources, SEEDS relies on just two existing predictions to produce numerous potential variants. In a mere three minutes, the system can generate up to 256 forecasts—an impressive feat with room for further enhancement.

This innovation comes as a solution to current forecasting limitations. While existing techniques excel at predicting common weather conditions, they struggle with extreme events due to errors in initial data. SEEDS bridges this gap by delivering forecasts comparable in quality to existing systems at minimal computational costs.

Google anticipates SEEDS will significantly improve forecast accuracy, particularly for extreme events, while also reducing associated expenses.