What Does Nuvei’s Go-Private Deal Portend for FinTechs?


The FinTech landscape may undergo significant changes due to go-private deals, with private equity firms and other corporate entities recognizing the inherent value in the sector. Despite this, current valuations may not fully capture the potential of developments in payments processing and acceptance.

One notable example is Nuvei, a Canadian FinTech that made headlines in April with a $6.3 billion agreement with private equity firm Advent International. Following weeks of speculation, Nuvei urged shareholders to vote in favor of the go-private deal, offering a $34 cash consideration, representing a substantial premium compared to the company’s share price in mid-March.

According to a proxy filing, Nuvei deemed the agreement to be in the best interests of the company, noting that it represents a significant increase from the initial proposal by Advent. This suggests that both parties see more potential for growth and opportunity operating in private hands rather than as a publicly traded entity.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, TD Bank estimated a robust growth rate for Nuvei’s revenues over the next five years, particularly in the B2B, government, and ISV segment. Nuvei enables partner firms to offer a wide range of online payment methods across various currencies, highlighting its significance in the payments industry.

Nuvei’s journey from initial public offering (IPO) to becoming a target for private deals may offer insights for other members of the FinTech IPO Index looking to innovate in payments. While the overall Index has shown growth, many firms are trading below their IPO prices, indicating potential undervaluation. However, these companies are experiencing rapid sales growth, making them attractive targets for private acquirers.

With private equity firms sitting on substantial capital reserves, the potential for further go-private deals in the FinTech sector remains high. This trend could reshape the industry landscape and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Source: pymnts.com