Airwallex Teams Up With Tech Giant Bird for Strategic Partnership


Airwallex, a prominent global payments and financial platform, has announced its collaboration with Bird (formerly MessageBird), a leading global communication platform, to enhance Bird’s international payments operations.

Bird’s platform, applications, and APIs cater to over 29,000 businesses, facilitating streamlined conversations and building engaging experiences across various customer-preferred channels, including WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Voice, WeChat, Messenger, and Instagram.

The diverse global operations of Bird, involving multiple currencies across its worldwide entities, resulted in a fragmented financial operating system spread across more than 20 banking partners. This fragmentation posed operational challenges for Bird’s Finance team, particularly concerning supplier payments and reconciliation with Bird’s accounting software.

By leveraging Airwallex’s global payments and financial infrastructure, Bird has successfully consolidated its financial operations across multiple entities and currencies into a unified platform. This consolidation has provided enhanced visibility, control, and automation for supplier payments worldwide, leveraging Airwallex’s proprietary foreign exchange (FX) engine. Bird also utilizes Airwallex’s issuing product for global supplier payments and the batch transfers tool for payroll across entities. Moreover, Airwallex and Bird collaborated on an advanced integration via Netsuite, offering improved speed, consistency, and depth of reconciliation for Bird’s finance team.

Robert Vis, Founder and CEO at Bird, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting Airwallex’s role in streamlining Bird’s global operations and enhancing finance efficiency.

Pranav Sood, Executive General Manager, EMEA at Airwallex, commended Bird’s success in revolutionizing global communication and expressed pride in supporting Bird’s mission. He emphasized Airwallex’s commitment to deepening its partnership with Bird and serving more Dutch businesses with its growing local team in Amsterdam.

Founded in Melbourne in 2015 and headquartered in Singapore, Airwallex has expanded to over 20 locations globally, currently employing 1,400 people. The company plans to hire approximately 300 more individuals in 2024 as part of its continued growth and innovation in the financial technology sector.