Ultra Mega Cats, Roguelike Third Person Shooter with Online Co-Op Unleashes Feline Fury with New Gameplay Reveal Trailer!


Do Feline Battle Alone or with up to Four Friends in this Colorful Roguelike Shooter Reminiscent of The Ninja Turtles!

Fallen Leaf Studio and Unseen Silence are proud to reveal their newest project, Ultra Mega Cats, a roguelike third person shooter with four player online co-op, available for wishlisting on Steam and planned for release on Playstation 5, Xbox series X and Nintendo Switch after PC launch.

Find a sneak peak at Ultra Mega Cats gameplay on youtube

Ready for the ultimate showdown? Get thrown right into the action solo or with up to four feline friends and do battle with your enemy overlords. Select one of five unique Mega Cats, elite warriors armed to the whiskers with an arsenal of diverse weapons and abilities ready to take down the new rulers of your world: rodents and birds!

Do you have what it takes to embody the spirit of the Mega Cats, to sharpen your claws and become a mighty warrior? Take down hordes of colorfully evil enemies, master your skills, select from over 50 different M.O.D.S for each playable cat and take down mighty bosses! No two gameplay sessions will be the same, so get stuck in and discover your favorite way to play.



“In a perfect world, cats are the alpha species, but in Ultra Mega Cats, something went really wrong, and now rodents and birds are ruling over our furry friends, and there’s nothing left for them to do than FIGHT!” said Piotr Kurkowski, Game Director, Fallen Leaf. “Jump in solo or join forces with your fellow Mega Cats and take on hordes of adversaries and mighty bosses in intense co-op battles.”


  • Choose from five different ultra cats with different play styles and personalities. Each cat has 50 different M.O.D.S that can be unlocked, offering more variety.
  • Streamlined, arena-based co-op PvE combat with a maximum of four players on full launch.
  • Each arena is arranged into ever-changing biomes through level generation. Thanks to different Coalitions (each consisting of different Aspects), no two playthroughs are the same.
  • The game’s stunning, vibrant art style packs as much of a punch as your cat hero will, ka-pow!

Prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime by wishlisting Ultra Mega Cats today, as it prepares to make its way on Steam Early Access. Get ready for console battles too, as Ultra Mega Cats is also planned to release on Playstation 5, Xbox series X and Nintendo Switch after PC launch.