WOW Summit Hong Kong 2024 Concludes In Triumph, Cementing Its Position As A Blockchain Powerhouse

WOW Summit Hong Kong brought together blockchain luminaries, industry leaders, and the future architects of the digital asset space from over 30 countries, showcasing the industry’s energy and innovation. The summit’s location in Hong Kong, Asia’s fintech hub, emphasized the growing role of digital assets in the global financial landscape. Attendees experienced an expansive range of activities, including panel discussions, side events, and exclusive networking opportunities.

WOW Summit Hong Kong boasted an exceptional lineup of speakers, featuring heavyweights like Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and COO of The Sandbox; Yat Siu, Chairman and Co-founder, Animoca Brands, Joseph Chan, Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, The Government of Hong Kong SAR; John Cahill, COO, Asia, Galaxy Digital, Stacey-Ann Pearson, Head of Web3 – APAC, AWS; Bugra Celik, Director, Digital Assets, Global Private Banking and Wealth, HSBC. Their presence, alongside other esteemed figures, fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas and unparalleled insights.

Sotheby’s wowed attendees with a captivating digital art exhibition VENET EVENT (2024) – an exclusive, never-before-seen collection of 500 generative artworks by the esteemed conceptual artist Bernar Venet. Each piece is a testament to Venet’s visionary prowess and promises to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide. The highly anticipated release and public sales of this collection are scheduled for this June promising an unparalleled opportunity for collectors to acquire truly unique masterpieces.

Viola Lukács, Digital art expert and Founder of Violuk Projects, introduced Bernar Venet’s six-decade exploration across diverse mediums, including sculpture, painting, and even sound, and how EVENT (2024) delves into the fascinating interplay of chance and unpredictability within the digital realm. Viola said:

“Blockchain emerges as a medium for pushing the frontiers of art, offering dynamic platforms for the cultivation of generative art. Concurrently, the advent of web3 technologies heralds a transformative era in art presentation and distribution, amplifying both scalability and accessibility on a global spectrum. Within this landscape of innovation, WOW Summit Hong Kong 2024 emerges as a pivotal nexus, bridging the realms of art and technology, fostering a rich tapestry of cross-pollination and inspiring dialogue.”

Celebrating the event’s massive success, Ivan V. Ivanov, Global CEO, WOW Summit, said,

“We were thrilled to have had this expanding, impressive roster of speakers and sponsors for WOW Summit Hong Kong, accompanied by extensive international media attention. The response has been unanimous – Asia stands at the forefront of innovation in digital assets and Web3, with WOW Summit emerging as the premier platform for the global ecosystem to converge. The overall traction for the event has been extraordinary with several side events. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.”

The meticulously curated agenda offered attendees a comprehensive exploration of the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. Panels and keynote presentations addressed thought-provoking topics. From the transformative power of asset-backed cryptos and the impact of Bitcoin ETFs to navigating complex regulatory landscapes and shaping long-term industry frameworks, the Summit delved into the most critical themes shaping the future.

Bowie Lau, Co-host of WOW Summit Hong Kong, remarked:

“The caliber of speakers and the depth of the discussions solidified WOW Summit Hong Kong as a must-attend event for anyone invested in the future of blockchain technology.”

The Summit’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable contributions of top-notch roster of sponsors, including Platinum Sponsors MMPro Trust, EXOLO, WOW Earn, Valhalla, InvestHK, LAK3, Zima Bank and Gold Sponsors Azbit, ivendPay, Chain Up, Custonomy, Market Making Pro, Tangem, VALR, all demonstrating their unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant and cutting-edge blockchain landscape.


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