DFI Revolutionizes the Computing Landscape with Windows on ARM Products

DFI, the world’s leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, proudly announced the launch of its innovative product lineup featuring Windows on Arm (WoA) at Embedded World 2024. DFI NXP products deliver high power efficiency and seamlessly integrate Windows on Arm, introducing a new era in computing where the traditional stronghold of Windows on x86 processors is evolving.

Arm and Microsoft revealed a compelling study that projected an 81% growth in the Windows on Arm market within the next five years. DFI’s commitment to embracing this dynamic landscape is evident in its latest product offerings, designed to unlock the true potential of WoA. The diverse NXP product lineup included Single Board Computers, system-embedded Box PCs, and Panel PCs tailored to various customer needs.

DFI’s WoA-powered machines showcased cost-effectiveness in both hardware and software. They not only facilitate efficient cost management, but they also accelerate the development of existing Windows applications for Arm-based computers. Leveraging the inherent low power consumption of the Arm architecture, WoA products are ideal for deployment in compact spaces and on devices with small form
factors, making them also environmentally friendly computing solutions. As current trends favor HumanMachine Interface (HMI) applications, WoA is provides enhanced user experiences for automation and selfservice terminal applications such as vending machines and kiosks.

DFI excels in WoA support by ensuring seamless integration with its hardware. It also provides peripheral support during WoA motherboard development, especially in the software development process. Going beyond the ordinary, DFI offers DFI-Guaranteed Service, preloading the operating system before shipping. This not only ensures a seamless implementation of WoA for clients but also adds a layer of convenience for end users.
DFI President Alexander Su stated, “We look forward to meeting the diverse needs of our customers through early development of Arm architecture products, seamlessly integrating WoA into our product line to provide high power efficiency solutions. This marks a significant step forward in entering the Windows on Arm field, with the promise of enhancing device computing performance, cost-effectiveness, and deployment flexibility
in the future. “

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