A New Era: CliffCentral Pivots to Birth Two New Podcasting Platforms

After a groundbreaking decade at the forefront of podcasting in South Africa, CliffCentral.com founders Gareth Cliff and Rina Broomberg are embarking on an exciting new chapter. One on One Productions, the visionary force behind CliffCentral, is proud to announce two strategic pivots which marks the launch of Podcast Party and The Real Network.

The Real Network, utilizing the CliffCentral current online platforms, represents an evolution by consolidating the commercial aspects of CliffCentral; continuing to broadcast the Gareth Cliff Show and introducing a compelling new podcast featuring the renowned Warras and PH – “The Shady Phodcast”. The Real Network will also be announcing a range of new shows in the future.

As part of this transformative journey, One on One is also thrilled to have launched the Podcast Party, an online content hub where open dialogue and critical thinking are encouraged; where personal responsibility is embraced; and where individuals have access to knowledge to make more informed decisions. Podcast Party aims to engage, inspire and shape a future where the power of content transforms into positive change.

Gareth Cliff, co-founder and show host says: “It’s been an incredible journey with CliffCentral and we’re excited to take the next step with The Real Network. The podcasting landscape has evolved and we’re ready to explore new dimensions, pushing boundaries and delivering content that resonates with our audience.”

Rina Broomberg, co-founder and One on One CEO, who will be focusing on building the Podcast Party, adds: “Podcast Party is an embodiment of our dedication to active citizenship, using the power of dialogue to drive positive change. Through engaging discussions, expert opinions and on-the-ground activations, Podcast Party intends to offers a kaleidoscope of content on all online platforms to equip individuals from all walks of life with knowledge to make more informed decisions. “

The Real Network and the Podcast Party are poised to further elevate podcasting in South Africa. Follow both on all online platforms.

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