Bitcoin ranked most volatile currency in world

A new study reveals the most volatile cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin ranking as the riskiest of the market leaders.

The research by online crypto casino Bombastic analyzed price data for the largest 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. It ranked each based on the volatility between its highest and lowest USD price over the last 12 months from January 2024.

The most volatile cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most volatile after its price skyrocketed from $20,195 in March 2023 to $46,936 in Jan 2024. It has the highest growth in dollar value compared to any other cryptocurrency over the last 12 months.

Maker (MKR) had the second greatest fluctuations in value this year. From June 2023 to January 2024, its price went from a low of $616 to a high of $2,144, a 248% increase in seven months.

Ethereum (ETH), in third, has experienced some of the most dramatic price changes in the last year. Its price has skyrocketed by over $1,000 in the last 12 months, from $1,429 on March 2023 to $2,618 on January 2024.

Bitcoin’s altcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has the fourth most unpredictable prices in the last year. From June 2023 to July 2024, it tripled from a low of $101 to $306.

BNB (BNB), previously Binance Coin, ranks fifth among the most volatile coins. Its price went from a year-high of $347.9 in April 2023 to a low of $205 in September, plummeting by $142.9 in just four months; the most lost in USD value of the top 100 coins.

Solana (SOL) had the sixth-largest price swings over the last year, with its value flying from just $14.5 in June 2023 to $121 in December 2023, a rapid 736% change in six months.

ORDI (ORDI) is seventh among the wildest price jumps in the past year. Its value experienced the greatest percentage change of the top ten, skyrocketing 27-fold from $3 in September 2023 to $83 in January 2023. ORDI took the shortest time between its lowest and highest yearly valuation of the top ten.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) showed the eighth most unpredictable shifts in the market. It more than quadrupled from $24.3 to $104 between June 2023 and January 2024.

Quant (QNT) had the ninth most dramatic ups and downs. Its value dropped from $155.9 to $84 between January and October 2023, experiencing the second-greatest dollar loss of $71.9, behind BNB.

Aave (AAVE) ranks tenth among the most unpredictable crypto coins. Its value doubled from $50 to $118.9 between June and December 2023.

A spokesperson from Bombastic commented on the findings: “Now, with years of historical data, these findings offer crypto traders an insight into the riskiest coins to invest in. Data shows that Bitcoin experienced the biggest changes in price, over $25,000 more than the next coin”.

Most Volatile Cryptocurrencies
Largest difference between highest & lowest prices over the past 12 months (USD)
Rank Symbol Name Lowest value (USD) Highest value (USD) Difference (USD) Difference (%)
1 BTC Bitcoin 20,195 46,936 26,741 132.4
2 MKR Maker 616 2,144 1,528 247.9
3 ETH Ethereum 1,429 2,618 1,188 83.2
4 BCH Bitcoin Cash 101 306.7 204.9 201.3
5 BNB BNB 205 347.9 142.9 69.7
6 SOL Solana 14.5 121.4 106.9 736.9
7 ORDI ORDI 3 83.3 80.4 2,719
8 BSV Bitcoin SV 24.3 104.4 80 329.2
9 QNT Quant 84 155.9 71.9 85.5
10 AAVE Aave 50.1 118.9 68.8 137.3
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