“Podcast Party” launches ahead the 2024 General Election

Through the power of conversations the Podcast Party is committed to inspiring positive change and amplifying diverse voices – an online content hub where open dialogue and critical thinking are encouraged; where personal responsibility is embraced; and where individuals have access to knowledge to make more informed decisions

1. Celebrating Democracy: Free and Fair Elections are a hallmark of South Africa’s democracy. Through the power of podcasting we aim to re-ignite the appreciation of democracy and combat voter apathy.

2 Amplifying Voices: Ensuring that the narrative shared on our platform reflects the richness and diversity of South Africa’s people.

3 Education: Educating and empowering our audience with insightful content from political discussions to expert insights to everyday stories.

4 Youth: Recognising the vital role of youth in shaping the nation’s future, we provide a platform for youth-led discussions, ideas and initiatives.

5 Building Bridges: Conversations building understanding across communities, generations and perspectives.

6 Advocating change: Beyond conversations, Podcast Party is a catalyst for positive social impact.

7 Diversity: Range of conversations ensuring listeners find resonance across a spectrum of stories and discussions.

8 Action: Podcast Party is not just about talk; it’s about action. We encourage the audience to translate insights into action, fostering a culture of engagement and positive growth, personally and collectively.

9 Accountability: Transparency and integrity to ensure audiences can trust the values and actions we promote.

10 Legacy: Podcast Party envisages a legacy of a more informed electorate. Through our podcasts, we aim to leave a lasting impact on the narrative of South Africa’s democracy.

Podcast Party is a call to action – to engage, inspire and shape a future where the power of dialogue transforms into positive change.

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