Tezos-Based Cricket Stars Game Exceeds 5k Monthly Players, 12k NFT Transactions

Cricket Stars, India’s first strategy-based NFT cricket game has hit a major milestone, surpassing 5,000 monthly active players and more than 12,000 NFT transactions on the Tezos blockchain last month. Released in November 2023, free-to-play Cricket Stars has
quickly gained traction, offering players an immersive blend of strategy and cricket gameplay within the rapidly expanding Tezos gaming ecosystem.
Designed by GoLive Games Studio, Cricket Stars revolutionizes the gaming experience by offering a captivating mix of sports strategy and cricket gameplay. Players collect cricket skills as tradable playing cards, enabling them to devise unique strategies and compete in real-time
player-vs-player esports matches.
“Cricket Stars’ achievement is a testament to the growing interest blockchain technology has on games, particularly on the Tezos platform. We are thrilled to see the game’s rapid growth and cannot wait to see where the team takes it from here.” said Jeremy Foo, Head of Gaming at Trilitech, a London-based adoption team for the Tezos blockchain.

The success of Cricket Stars can be attributed to the carefully thought out marketing campaigns by developer GoLive Games Studio. Collaborations with influencers, participation in college festivals, and engagement with gaming networks like IndiGG and STAN have significantly contributed to the game’s burgeoning popularity. And with the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament, GoLive is even more ambitious about their game’s growth trajectory. The company also plans to scale the game’s tournament feature with bigger online tournaments and to add offline tournaments in various cities. “With the upcoming Indian Premier League Cricket tournament, we anticipate substantial growth, projecting a 2-3x increase month-on-month till April, and an overall 8-10x growth in just
three months.” stated Ravi Kiran, CEO of GoLive Games Studios. Cricket Stars joins a growing pantheon of Web3 games that chose Tezos as their underlying blockchain infrastructure.

With low fees and high performance, Tezos is perfectly suited to power any game’s growth and take Web3 gaming to the next level.
“The support from the Tezos community during the development phase was phenomenal, allowing us to provide one of the best user experiences for Web3 games. The Tezos technology itself is highly stable, scalable, and very reliable. This has helped improve trust among players and improved the conversion ratio of free-to-play users to NFT owners,” said Ravi Kiran.

The gaming community on Tezos has rapidly grown since late 2022 when a specialist team was created to develop web3 games on the chain. Recent successful games being onboarded on Tezos include Coin Blast (last month ranked 45 in the DappRadar Insights Blockchain Game
Rankings), rhythm game Star Symphony (20,000 registered users and more than 100 songs in the library), and MetaPals (in alpha version with beloved characters from iconic franchises like Teletubbies and Minto as NFTs). Recent Tezos gaming partnerships include EMERGE Group, a Southeast Asia marketing technology firm specializing in IP and gaming partnerships, which announced a strategic collaboration to accelerate the onboarding of Web3 games onto the Tezos ecosystem. Additionally, the KAP Co-Grant Program aims to bring faster financial support, development resources, and marketing partners to propel the future of Web3 gaming on the Tezos blockchain.

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