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The 29th of July 2022, for the first time, you could earn UniPlay coins when playing at an online casino.

The innovative functionality was implemented at the social casino slotclash .com.

As a social casino platform, the step to develop a play to earn function was a natural step, with this step igaming definitely are in uncharted territory.

Uniplay now offers it’s users a new way to play casino online, where they actually can earn for their time spent. Even if this is the first version of the Web3 integration, Uniplay has received lots of praise, as the development of v2 is already underway some new exiting features are soon to be communicated.

At the same time, Uniplay was listed at one of the major exchanges, Bitmart. This gives both investors and users a convenient way to invest and trade their tokens.

This brings UniPlay to the forefront of innovative iGaming projects in the crypto space at the moment. With a clear Roadmap on how to continue to build utility for the the whole vertical, together with a robust approach to leveraging the blockchain technology, UniPlay is set to continue it’s path as one of the industry leaders within the iGaming crypto space.