Prague Gaming Summit, MARE BALTICUM and CEEGC are set to return with new format in 2022

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The leading conferences in the CEE and Baltic regions to return in 2022 to in-person gatherings, but with a new format.


The team at Hipther Agency is excited to reveal that in 2022, the in-person gatherings will return and the most talked-about conferences in the CEE & Baltic region will reign once again.

Participants are invited to some of the most luxurious conference rooms in Prague, Vilnius, and Budapest.

While the #hipthers conference portfolio quadrupled in 2021, the team is very much dedicated to keeping the traditions with the long-standing Prague Gaming Summit, MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit, BSG Awards, CEEGC, and the CEEG Awards.

We have come a long way since launching our first conference back in 2016 which already had an interesting start by being interrupted by a bomb threat. In our first year, we have received the baptism of fire and we now know that nothing can stop us! We have adapted to current times and between March 2020 and December 2021 have quadrupled the numbers of conferences hosted throughout the year. If there is one thing we’ve learned over this one and a half year, it’s that virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. So, we will continue to bring some of our conferences in virtual-only mode and some in a hybrid format. To add to the excitement, all the events are available in virtual reality on our recently built hiptherverse. Prague, Vilnius, and Budapest are some of the most popular destinations of our conferences, thus we invite you to join us next year in these awesome destinations” stated Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency.

The dates of the conferences and awards are the following:

  • Prague Gaming Summit – 5 April (Prague, Czechia) – Registration is open. Register here!
  • MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit & BSG Awards – 12 May (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • CEEGC + CEEG Awards – 27 September (Budapest, Hungary)


Fun fact: In 2022, HIPTHER Agency is hosting 20 days of conferences and a total of 22 events. 20 days, 22 events = 2022

A new format for a new beginning

The new conference format is bringing new opportunities for quality boutique-style networking and the program is tailored to suit both the participants who are interested in the panel discussions and participants who are interested in growing their network/partner base.

The team has also added a new delegate pass starting from 2022, the Supplier Pass. This pass is dedicated to suppliers that are interested in having their company and services highlighted in front of the delegates.

Sustainable future

While recycling and reusing certain materials at the conferences are important steps towards achieving sustainability, the team is also sending a clear message about how conference organizers can directly impact the conservation of the planet’s ecosystem and biodiversity.

The events hosted by the #hipthers have always been applauded by the participants, and one of the strong points was the attention to the smallest details. Among the small details are the coffee breaks and complimentary buffet lunch.

While some might still argue, but meat-eating is one of the biggest environmental hazards facing our planet. The team has switched to fully plant-based menus in 2020 and will continue this path with the return of the in-person conference. The initiative has the full support of the venues in which the conferences are hosted and is considered to be a great idea by hotel managers who are already working on delicious plant-based meals for the delegates to enjoy in Prague, Vilnius, Berlin, Milan, and Budapest.

Hybrid time

While possible lockdowns or travel restrictions might still occur in 2022, all the conferences will also be available in the virtual format for industry professionals to be up to date with the content and starting 2022 can additionally be accessed in the hiptherverse.

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Additionally, make sure to keep an eye on the European Gaming Quarterly Meetups, which also offer in-person and virtual opportunities to stay up to date and network through 2022. Read the recent updates about events happening in Berlin and Milan here.

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