Parimatch Tech Expands Its Entertainment Portfolio and Secures the M&A Deals with PokerMatch and Holding

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The company’s two acquisitions are one of the world’s top 10 largest online poker rooms and a performance marketing holding.

Parimatch Tech, an international company that develops the Parimatch brand and provides tech and marketing solutions for the entertainment industry worldwide, has secured the M&A deals with a performance marketing holding,, and Ukraine’s largest online poker room, PokerMatch. The deal offers mutually beneficial opportunities for all parties, allowing Parimatch Tech to expand its entertainment and marketing product portfolio further and providing and PokerMatch with new global expansion prospects.

“Parimatch Tech is excited to join forces with PokerMatch and to help achieve our big goal — exploring and expanding the entertainment possibilities our users experience by interacting with the Parimatch brand. We are certain that the synergy of our expertises will lead to strengthening of the brands of all parties involved. Our business philosophy and approaches are quite similar, and we are excited to join forces with and PokerMatch to further build and expand our entertainment ecosystem”, commented Maksym Liashko, Parimatch Tech co-CEO.

PokerMatch is the value-added product, a leader of the online poker industry in Ukraine, and one of the world’s top 10 largest iGaming companies encompassing poker, casino, and board games. The acquisition will enhance the entertainment offering for end customers and add an asset to Parimatch Tech’s product portfolio. The company is a partner of the All-Ukrainian Sports Poker Federation and the title sponsor of the Ukrainian national sports poker team. acquisition will further strengthen Parimatch Tech’s MarTech expertise, considering that the holding is one of Eastern Europe’s leaders focusing on a wide range of digital services, including affiliate marketing, SEO, media buying, retention, reactivation, PR strategy, creative, design, and influence marketing. The company is home to multiple business units:

Digital Chain, an international marketing agency with deep expertise and extensive experience in iGaming, gambling, and sports betting.

Vadideo, an international CPM advertising network.

Papa Karlo, an international CPA network with deep expertise in affiliate marketing

NetCraft.Global, an international marketing agency that provides craft SEO solutions for complex businesses.

Copylancer, one of the biggest freelance copywriting websites in Eastern Europe.


The two new assets will be integrated into Parimatch Tech’s marketing and business strategy of entering the new global markets with the Parimatch brand.

“It’s an exciting day for all of us! Our companies share the same values and aspirations for global development. I am confident that the merging will be smooth, and we will begin working on our international plans soon”, said Ruslan Bangert, PokerMatch CEO.

“ started in one country and united two local companies. Over the last two years, we have expanded to 10 international companies operating in 12 countries and doubled the number of employees – from 120 to 250. Our cooperation on marketing projects with Parimatch Tech has been for many years. The merger became a logical step meant to strengthen our positions in the current markets and conquer new ones. We intend to create a symbiosis of marketing, technology, and product, and I have unwavering faith in my team and the new opportunities that opened for us”, said Yuri Titkov, CEO.


The financial details of the deals are not disclosed.

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