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Hosted on Starter’s multi-chain launchpad, the $BUST IDO promotes a circular ecosystem adopting and utilizing $BNB and partner tokens in a simple and fun iGaming experience

Starter (https://starter.xyz), the leading multi-chain community-oriented launchpad, today announced its IDO (initial DEX offering) for the iGaming token $BUST on the BUSTA (https://www.busta.gg/) platform. Starter will host the $BUST IDO on its multi-chain launchpad on August 24, 2021. Starter will oversee the trading and staking of $BUST and its partner tokens and support their goal to offer a complete Gamified Finance (GameFi) ecosystem powered by their tokens. BUSTA is the first, and currently only, iGaming+DEX platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It features a flagship multi-token progressive jackpot crash game that is built alongside its own DEX, staking and affiliate platform.

Existing iGaming and DeFi projects offer single/limited-purpose platforms with little utility or benefits for the participants beyond their base functions. To change that, the BUSTA founders created a circular business model that benefits players, investors, stakers, traders, affiliates, and partners, all while tapping into a multi-billion dollar industry. The ecosystem is designed so that each component benefits the other and as each increases in popularity and volume, the whole ecosystem and community reaps rewards.

The five primary components of BUSTA are:

  • iGaming Platform: Features multiple games like BUSTA CRASH, a progressive jackpot game – crash.busta.gg

  • Trading and Staking Module: BUSTA contains its own niche DEX and yield farm for trading and staking $BUST as well as partner tokens – dapp.busta.gg

  • Affiliate Program: The program has a novel approach to growing the user base via referral links, where both parties benefit from a constant stream of passive income from play, trade and farm activity.

  • Partnership Portal: Partners can list tokens on the BUSTA platform for constant burn pressure for the partner’s native token, which is provided by automated revenue collection and distribution flow.

  • Degenerator Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): BUSTA’s DAO allows the community to control the majority of the ecosystem through a voting process.

“We are taking iGaming and DeFi to the next level, as there’s just so much untapped potential with the technology available that people aren’t utilising yet.” said Neil Apestrong, Project Lead at BUSTA. “We’ve taken advantage of that and intricately designed our ecosystem in a way that makes our games fun and rewarding to play, incentivises holding and staking our $BUST token, and allows our community to grow exponentially, all while playing an incredibly active and powerful role in the operation and further development of BUSTA.”

BUSTA games will be provably fair and generate a small amount of revenue for the platform in the form of the House Edge. The House Edge is then distributed throughout the ecosystem via smart contracts to benefit the community and $BUST token holders. All of the games will draw their winnings from the BUSTA Bankroll. This Bankroll pool will be funded initially from the presale, then be automatically and perpetually topped up further with a percentage of the House Edge and by users staking their own BNB into the bankroll pool for direct yield rewards in the form of BNB and BUST tokens.

BUSTA is another of Starter’s highly sought after Certified START IDOs, which are hand picked by the Starter team and presented to the Starter community. Starter has successfully launched various blockchain projects including Cake Monster (MONSTA), Wall Street Bets (WSB), WISE Token (WISE), FOMO Labs (FOMO) and Bakery Tools (TBAKE), with some selling out in the first seconds or minutes.


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