With the rapid digitization of industries, the adoption of artificial intelligence and deep learning has become essential for most companies and organizations around the world. Consequently, the demand for highly skilled AI and Deep Learning professionals is growing at a significant pace.

KPMG in India – a leading company in data science advisory services – partnered with Deakin University, Australia, to answer this growing demand, establishing a Post Graduate Industry Practitioner Programme in AI and Deep Learning for Indian students.

The program prepares highly proficient IT professionals for the expanding artificial intelligence and deep learning field. Following completion, participants will receive a joint certificate issued by Deakin University and KPMG. Students may also choose to pursue a postgraduate or master’s degree at Deakin University, Australia, receiving 4 credits and recognition for prior learning by the institution. These credits and recognition also serve as evidence of demonstrated competence and can help acquire awareness with current and potential employers.

Ms. Ravneet Pawha, Deputy Vice President (Global Engagement) and CEO (South Asia), Deakin University, remarked – “Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving digital disruption and enabling us to utilize the power of machines for intelligent automation. This joint Post Graduate Industry Practitioner Programme will equip professionals with specialist knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop software solutions that harness the latest advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning.”

“Artificial intelligence and deep learning technology are transforming industries around the world as well as our daily lives. As artificial intelligence applications become more common and reach into new areas, the AI industry is experiencing enormous growth – and offers promising opportunities for talented professionals,” – added Mr. Vijay Gogoi, Associate Partner, KPMG Learning Academy.

This program is not the first South Asian operation of Deakin University, Australia. The institution was the first overseas education provider to set operations in the region of New Delhi in 1994, cooperating with the government and academia to share its education and research.


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