ATEO Launches Mona the Crypto allocation tool


ATEO, a leading provider of post trade solutions for financial markets, launches MONA, a new middle office tool to manage cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

While institutional firms are showing an increasing interest and focus on cryptocurrencies, the space still lacks tools, standards, and solutions to operate these markets. After recently and successfully developing several gateways to the different Crypto venues (FTX, Binance, Coinbase …), Ateo now brings together its expertise and ability to address business needs to launch MONA, a global blotter for crypto currencies.

MONA, a full web-based solution hosted by Ateo, allows market participants to capture all crypto transactions (Spot Trades, Deposits, Withdraws, Interests), allocate/split transactions to the proper Portfolios, interface with any in-house downstream systems and address all necessary Audit and Reporting requirements.

“Crypto currencies are now an integral part of the conversations we are having with our customers and the industry. We believe it is a critical time for vendors such as Ateo to provide solutions addressing these new assets and we are excited to release MONA, our first solution exclusively geared towards crypto currencies,” says David Romeo, Managing Director at Ateo.