Cadoco Corp. is specialized in trading investments in intangible assets and will auction its Brand Booster & domain names: 911LIMO & SAFELIMO and as a bonus 911POT.

Test 911 BID BOOSTER NOW  Created to benefit early Bidders

Regulatory issues:  The G20 governments are all assigned to ensure policy and regulatory issues between advanced and emerging economies and thus ensure stability in the global economy.

Ride sharing and the legalization of cannabis, mostly in North America, are two crucial factors that set off a wake-up call for governments to take action.  Covid-19 also helps to enforce large and widespread shifts, especially for those who are resilient.

It was long before these events that Cadoco Corp. was inspired to develop its 911 Brand Booster Portfolio and the timing is right to set its visions into action.

If you trust brand values and want to invest in outstanding intangibles assets that target, disrupt and enhance the issues of the global economy, this auction provides you with essential business tools and marketing proposals prior to going public.