WEEDCon Cannabis Education Expo Draws Investors, Brands

On May 20th the sixth WEEDCon cannabis education expo will take place with retailers, brands, farms, distributors and investors gathering to view and discuss the newest cannabis products. In a covid safe environment, WEEDCon attendees and exhibitors will enjoy the expo, music, food, networking and education speakers.

Sponsored by Kyle Labs and Sun Brand CBD, WEEDCon will host 60 exhibitors and 200 dispensary buyers at their signature WEEDCon Buyers Luncheon with Chef Matt attended by dispensary CEO’s and purchasing managers.  The two day event will focus on health and wellness effects of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

According to www.cancer.gov, (search “CBD cures cancer”), the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant “… may cause antitumor effects by various mechanisms, including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, …Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells but do not affect their nontransformed counterparts and may even protect them from cell death.”

Companies focusing on THC for pain, anti-inflammatory properties and anxiety include Originals Family Farms, a vertically integrated cannabis company.  Originals provides some of the most popular cannabis flower on the market including their Oakstradam OG, a WEEDCon Cup winning product that helps with pain relief and muscle relaxation.

For CBD, companies like Kyle Labs provides go to products for consumers including their High White Serious CBG pre-rolls with CBD kief and an all natural premium hemp wrap. Kyle Labs focuses on the health and wellness in the CBD market with their Activate Muscle Salve for pain inflammation and 1000mg tinctures in four flavors for every day use.

With THC and CBD being the most commonly known cannabinoids, others like CBG are sought for anti-bacterial properties and CBN as a sleeping aid. Sun Brand, a trusted name in CBD, offers CBD/CBG/CBN daily use products for consumers, sports enthusiasts and athletes including lotions, beauty products, CBD supplements, pain rubs and a 5,000mg tincture.

Companies exhibiting at WEEDCon include Kyle LabsSun Brand, Amplified Farms, Buddy’s Chocolate Haus, CalyFX, Chef Matt Cooks, Originals Family Farms, California Label Products, Clique Cannabis Co. Ape Premium Cannabis, Clade 9, Cream of the Crop, The Plug, Deibel Labs, Dr. Dabber, Encore Labs, From the Earth, Luxely Collection, Elevated Global Supply, Growpacker, Lost Coast Exotics, Medcare Farms, Evergreen Distribution, Seven Leaves, Triple Seven, Temeka Group, V Syndicate, Bloom Network, Contract Solutions, Black Market Cannabis, Mohave Green, Viola Brands, Rove Brand.  Visit www.weedconproductions.com, www.kylelabs.com, www.sunbrandcbd.com.

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