EpositBox Revolutionizes Personally Identifiable Information and Sensitive Data Storage using Immutable Blockchain Technology


EpositBox, a Secure Data Storage and Protection Services Company is excited to participate in the upcoming Accelerate event with Fast Company, IBM and Intel in San Francisco on November 8, 2023.

EpositBox recently announced the patent pending development of an IBM Hyperledger Blockchain data storage and protection service that provides a secure platform to protect a company’s PII/SD by acting as a third party to separate companies from their PII/SD without interrupting the usability of their own property via a secure performant API protocol. Learn more at www.epositbox.com.

This platform offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • Liability and compliance overhead for PII/SD storage is extracted away from the company.
  • Reduces and eliminates the risk of costly fines of up to 4% of their GNP for non-compliant handling of their PII/SD without a data breach even happening.
  • Reduces or eliminates the risk of serious brand damage occurring from a breach of PII/SD.
  • Security of PII/SD is far superior, protecting a company from outsider and insider threats and errors.
  • PII/SD interaction is seamless, performant and will not hinder the transaction process.
  • Consumers will have more confidence in a third-party curator whose business model is to comply with regulators to protect the consumer’s PII/SD.
  • EpositBox can store and protect any Sensitive Data Type.

Critical Newsworthy facts:

  • Data is locked in an immutable IBM Blockchain ledger record that cannot be hijacked!
  • We receive data that is fully obfuscated and encrypted by using a dedicated key. Then this data is over- encrypted within the IBM Blockchain, increasing the difficulty and compute time of decrypting stolen data out to 100+ years, beyond its relevant value.
  • Stealing data from EpositBox requires the threat actor to collaboratively breach the security defenses of the company, EpositBox and IBM Blockchain, increasing the cost and complexity of harvesting stolen data beyond its black-market value.
  • The EpositBox platform drives up the cost of acquisition to a threat actor, steering them toward lower hanging fruit elsewhere, as it destroys the value of any stolen data in the criminal black market.
Gáspár Incze is the youngest member of the team. Currently a university student, he is studying management at Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Gáspár participated in several social initiatives, having volunteered as a tour guide at the Teleki Castle in the village of Gornești and currently working at ÉRTED, a Transylvanian Hungarian student initiative committed to community work, mainly in the cultural, scientific, economic, and environmental areas.