SciBase Announces the launch of eBarrier Score, the First AI-Driven Skin Barrier Assessment tool for research and Cosmetic Testing


SciBase Holding AB (“SciBase”) (STO: SCIB), a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions for skin disorders is pleased to announce the launch of the eBarrier Score for Nevisense, the first-ever AI skin barrier assessment tool built for use in research and cosmetic testing. The eBarrier Score was announced today at the Cosmetotest cosmetic testing symposium in Lyon, France.

Researchers of the skin barrier and cosmetic products can now use Nevisense and the eBarrier Score to assess products and claims related to skin barrier function. The global market for cosmetic products aiming to improve people’s skin barrier is experiencing immense growth.

Nevisense and the eBarrier Score utilize AI-generated algorithms that researchers can use to directly quantitate the severity of skin barrier dysfunction related to common skin disorders.

In a recently published study (Skin Barrier Function Assessment: Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Is Less Influenced by Daily Routine Activities Than Transepidermal Water Loss – the first direct comparison between electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) using Nevisense and trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) was made. The study demonstrates Nevisense being a more robust technique to assess skin barrier function than the within research commonly used TEWL measurement technique.

“We are thrilled to introduce the eBarrier Score to the cosmetic research market,” said Pia Renaudin, CEO of SciBase. “Every day, there are new cosmetic products related to skin barrier function. The Nevisense eBarrier Score is already an established tool in the medical research field and bringing it to the cosmetic research market will truly benefit consumers.”

For more information on the eBarrier Score and SciBase’s other research or medical products, visit In February SciBase announced a partnership with Skinobs, a leading global platform connecting researchers with the tools they need for their cosmetic and medical research. Through this partnership, SciBase can now offer Nevisense and eBarrier for assessing skin barrier function within cosmetic testing on the Skinobs platform.