Sigenergy and Amber Light Join Forces to Conquer Myanmar’s Energy Challenges


Sigenergy, in partnership with Amber Light, successfully hosted Sigenergy Day Myanmar 2024 in Mandalay on May 28th. The event attracted over 600 participants, including distributors, installers, homeowners, business owners, and media representatives. Additionally, representatives from various chambers of commerce, organizations, and corporations in Mandalay attended, further promoting commercial, cultural, and economic cooperation.

During the event, Sigenergy and Amber Light signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), designating Amber Light as the distributor for SigenStor, Sigenergy’s energy storage product, in Myanmar.

Tony Xu, Founder and CEO of Sigenergy, highlighted the company’s growth in Myanmar, attributing it to strong local partnerships. He emphasized Sigenergy’s focus on safety, intelligence, high integration, and excellent user experience as central to its competitiveness. Committed to upholding global standards for product uniformity and quality, Sigenergy delivers top-tier energy solutions to users in Myanmar. The company also offers a standard five-year warranty in the region. Looking ahead, Sigenergy plans to expand its service network to ensure every user receives professional and attentive after-sales service.

Thu Ya Kyaw, Founder of Amber Light, addressed the growing electricity demand in Myanmar driven by economic development and the challenges posed by frequent power outages. He emphasized Amber Light’s commitment to providing comprehensive energy solutions in Myanmar. In partnership with Sigenergy, they aim to promote the widespread adoption of SigenStor in the Myanmar market, ensuring a long-term stable power supply.

Dr. Li Zuqing, Principal of the Confucius Classroom at Fuqing Language and Computer School and Chief Editor at, underscored the significance of solar energy, hailing it as a precious and limitless natural resource. He extended appreciation for Sigenergy’s contribution, acknowledging their advanced technology’s role in mitigating Myanmar’s energy deficits and facilitating access to cutting-edge advancements.

SigenStor is the world’s first 5-in-1 energy storage system. Its innovative design allows it to adapt to a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial, on-grid to micro-grid, and restricted environments to anywhere, achieving a true “one for all” solution. At the event, several partners shared their experiences with the installation and use of SigenStor.

Thant Zaw, General Manager of Amber Light, shared a commercial and industrial (C&I) case study of the Dagon Centre mall in Yangon. The mall had been plagued by frequent power outages, affecting key facilities like lighting, air conditioning, and elevators. In response to tenant demands for reliable power solutions, the mall owner chose SigenStor, providing 1MWh EES of backup power. SigenStor’s seamless switch to battery power during outages ensures stable electricity supply and uninterrupted business operations.

Aike Phat, Managing Director of Helios, discussed a poultry farm project where power outages had caused ventilation failures and economic losses. The farm had relied on diesel generators for years. Last year, they installed two SigenStor units, significantly reducing their dependence on diesel. Pleased with the results, they added four more units this year, increasing storage capacity and enabling the farm to rely solely on SigenStor during the day, saving an estimated $95,600 annually in electricity costs.

Gao Mingzuo, Managing Director of A+, shared residential installation cases, noting that SigenStor’s easy installation process has facilitated the company’s transition from a construction firm to a solar storage system installer. They have installed SigenStor units in various apartments, villas, and clubs across Myanmar, receiving unanimous praise from users. He highlighted SigenStor’s powerful three-phase inverter and rapid 0.5C charge rate, allowing the battery to fully charge in two hours compared to five to six hours for other systems, meeting whole-home backup needs.

Pyae Sone, Managing Director of Pro Engineering, highlighted SigenStor’s intelligent features, including the mySigen App for real-time system data and remote parameter settings. He also mentioned that all SigenStor products come with a five-year warranty and are insured by PICC, a renowned insurance company in China. SigenStor includes integrated DC fast-charging capability for electric vehicles, addressing user range anxiety with efficient charging solutions. With DC fast-charging modules and a 25kW charging pole, it offers 130 kilometers of range in just one hour.

At the event, Sigenergy presented Amber Light with a distributor certificate and awarded authorization certificates to several resellers.

Moving forward, Sigenergy will strengthen its position as a foremost energy innovator in Myanmar, with heightened investments in R&D and marketing. Through close collaboration with partners, Sigenergy is dedicated to customizing energy storage solutions to meet Myanmar’s unique needs and ensure universal access to green energy.

SOURCE Sigenergy Technology Co., Ltd.