During Microsoft Build 2023 on May 24th, Microsoft announced that the ChatGPT large model and AI will be widely used in the future, providing over 50 new features for developers. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world. In parallel, Meishe Co., Ltd., an intelligent video and audio solution provider, is integrating AI into their avatars.

Today, Meishe announced 3 AI avatar generators, which will significantly reduce the time and steps needed. AI avatar virtual videos can be created quickly with these tools.

Photo to AI Avatar

Users upload the text content and a photo of the person, and AI will transform the photo into an avatar virtual video with support for Chinese, English, French, and Japanese, and synthesize realistic audio effects.

Video to AI Avatar

Users upload text and a character video, AI can replace the voice in the original video with the user-provided text content, and generate corresponding mouth movement for the character.

GLB to AI Avatar

The GLB file is a 3D model stored in GLTF. It stores information about 3D models in binary format. When the GLB model is generated, users can convert it to “. ARSCENE”, a 3D file format developed by Meishe. The converted package can be rendered in real-time on different platforms through Meishe SDK.