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London, United Kingdom, March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Upwards of 32% of people globally listen regularly to podcasts, a statistic which is growing. Paired with the fact that Advertising revenue for Podcasts is on target to hit $1 Billion by the end of 2021 – there are no disputes that podcasting is big business.

According to Two Comma PR, here we look at 8 of the most successful, rising stars of the podcast world. You can find out about their journeys and offer useful advice for anybody who is thinking of starting their own podcast.

Alexander Chisnall (@AlexanderChisnall)

Podpreneur Alex Chisnall helps ambitious brands and driven entrepreneurs to tell their stories via the power of podcasting. He founded his podcast agency, Podpreneur, after the success of his own podcast changed his life.

Alex’s growth was exponential, having initially launched his own show and receiving just two downloads–clearly his wife and his mother, he persevered to achieving a #1 rated business show all over the globe. Alex’s marquee podcast –Screw It, Just Do It – is now downloaded in 150+ countries and he is now on a mission to help ambitious brands and driven entrepreneurs who want to educate their existing customers.

Alex and his team have helped create and launch numerous podcasts into Apple’s iTunes Top 20 chart from corporate brands through to driven entrepreneurs. He has a long-standing history with audio, having started his career at BBC Radio in the 1990’s before deciding to travel the world working for Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

He feels like he’s now come full-circle as podcasting has recently exploded in popularity. Impressively, Alex was also Sir Richard Branson’s #1business advisor for not-for-profit Virgin StartUp, helping entrepreneurs get funding and mentoring.

Alex still has a vested interest in this space as an advisor for global startup-generator and VC,, and also chairs the Accelerate Event Series for British American Business – the US Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

Alex’s ideal client is a keen and adaptable entrepreneur that is willing to take the plunge and launch their own podcast. Alex’s tuition follows clear frameworks which are understandable and can be implemented by clients. We are excited by Alex’s latest launch of his Podcast Mastery Course. Alex is omni-present on social media and is a must follow for anyone with the slightest interest in podcasting. We look forward to seeing his continued success.

Kevin Chemidlin (@kevinchemidlin)

Kevin Chemidlin is a podcasting entrepreneur and founder of “Grow The Show”, a podcast which teaches independent podcasters how to grow and monetize their show. Kevin started as a podcaster in 2018, when he launched his first podcast, “Philly Who?”. Three months later Kevin quit his corporate job, to become a full-time podcaster.  By 2019, the niche podcast had attained over 100,000 downloads, generating over $100k in revenue. This success led to Kevin consulting for and producing content for iHeartRadio, Comcast NBCUniversal, and Religion of Sports.

Kevin had started his career as a Software Developer for a large insurance company, however, it was the listening to an episode of the podcast, “How I Built This” with Guy Raz which sparked Kevin’s interest. Kevin decided to launch a similar show focused on his hometown, and his unique approach of discussing Philadelphia and the stories and successes within the city, captured the attention online and he was hooked.

However, soon after launching, progress plateaued in spite of advertising via Facebook Ads and Instagram. Chemidlin had to strategize how to grow Philly Who? further – this entailed purchasing courses, reading content and getting advice from some of the world’s most successful podcasters. Thankfully, he was able to implement all that he learned, and the podcast returned and went on to surpass 100,000 downloads and at its peak generated $1,000 per show.

Kevin’s latest venture has been dubbed the “MBA of Podcasting” – it educates students on making bingeable shows, growing their audience up to 60% per month, and monetizing right now. “Grow The Show” is available weekly and will continue to positively impact aspiring podcasters across the world.

Rosa Sarmento (@idea.blossoms)

Rosa Sarmento is a podcast manager, content creator, and founder of Ideablossoms. Rosa proudly has mastered the working from home dynamic for over 2 years and looks to inspire other female coaches and content creators.

Previously a fashion buyer, Rosa has a zest for international travel during more normal times. She has visited 16 countries and 50 cities and shares her experience and expertise with her followers.

Work-wise, Ideablossoms is an innovative agency that makes podcasting simple and frees up capacity for busy female coaches and course creators. Rosa can lead on all aspects of podcasting, her services ranging from podcast management, content repurposing, social media management – including  reels, and IGTV videos – and scaling up.

Brazilian-born Rosa has worked with women from all around the world and targets female business coaches who are generating 6 and 7 figure incomes. She thrives and excels at making engaging content that keeps her client’s listeners coming back.

In 2021, Rosa is revamping the offering by Ideablossoms. It shall focus on 3 fundamental areas for her podcasting clients. These are Podcast Launch, Podcast Management, and Content Management. Rosa is definitely the go-to individual for power women who are short on time but have great content and vision.

Rokhaya (@workflowiwthrokhaya)

Rokhaya Ndiaye is a Jamaican-based podcast coach and wellness strategist. A keen explorer with a zest for travel, Rokhaya is passionate about a strong work-life balance and looks to empower other women and her followers.

Rokhaya has a strong corporate background, however after losing her job in 2019, she affirmed that she would never work for someone else and craved autonomy over her career. She started to do background works across various mediums including voice overs, transcribing and audio books. In tandem, Rokhaya also successfully completed a Virtual Assistant course which gave her the comprehension of managing workflows and demanding schedules.

During the COVID pandemic, Rokhaya relocated from Canada to Jamaica and this inspired her to start her Podcasting business. Through her brand, Workflow with Rokhaya, she offers tips via her social media platform and a free consultation session for prospective clients. Rokhaya helps clients clarify the vision and strategy for their podcast idea and upgrade their skill sets. The skills given are extremely practical and include tasks such as enhancing audio, editing, guest management, SEO rich show notes and giving podcasts a better flow. Rokhaya is actively looking for 10 mentees to help on their journey – do contact her for more details.

Tiffany Vaughan (@mstiffvaughan)

Tiffany Vaughan (Tiff) is the founder of Tiffany Vaughan Coaching and a podcaster and Soul coach, who teaches women how to reconnect with their soul and use their inner voices in the podcasting process. Previously a Corporate Financial Controller with over 20 years of experience, Tiff acquired great experience in Human Resources, Leadership and ERP Implementations. She was able to perfect her people skills in these difficult, demanding roles.

In spite of her rapid success in the corporate world, her mental health deteriorated due to the demanding nature of her work and lack of passion for it. Sadly, Tiffany had two serious bouts of depression and struggled with fertility. Thankfully, she was able to give birth to three wonderful children albeit they were born with ADHD and ODD. 

Initially for Tiff there were periods of resentment and pain, however she hit a realization that her mess was her message. This led to the creation of her podcast, “Hard Beautiful Journey”, which tackles emotional issues such as mental health, infertility, grief and soul journey work. 

Tiffany lives by and shares the motto, “Use Your Voice. Ignite Your Soul.” Tiff is a natural collaborator and loves to help others on their journey. Her upcoming, 7 week course will be available in April 2021, suitable for all women who are interested in podcasting.

Peggy Tsai and Ramesh Dontha (DataTransformersPodcast.Com)

Peggy Tsai and Ramesh Dontha are the co-hosts of the successful ‘; The Data Transformers Podcast’. The series was launched in early November 2020  and now resides in the Top 250 of all global tech podcasts.

The objective of The Data Transformers podcast is to accelerate digital transformation by bridging the gap between corporate goals and technology initiatives, using data as glue. With the rapid advancement of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, and Cloud computing, the explosion of data is here to stay. Peggy and Ramesh affirm that data needs to be managed in efficient and intelligent ways to ensure longevity and productivity. Lastly, the hosts are committed to communicating this message to an audience in a clear, engaging, and reliable manner.

The two hosts, both former data practitioners themselves, will aim to interview the stalwarts of the industry and bring personal perspectives, latest trends, and the most valuable resources to the audience. The podcast is perfect listening for those with key roles and responsibilities in digital transformation- including Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, Data Scientists, and Product Managers. The podcast’s rising success is evidenced by its listing on the Apple Store with over 600, 5 star reviews since launch.

With the transition to an accelerated digital-consumption world catalysed by the pandemic- Peggy and Ramesh are on track to climb those podcast charts even higher.

Caitlin Howard (@caitroseco)

Cait Howard is the owner and founder of Cait Rose Co. She has been working exclusively with powerhouse women to launch and grow their podcasts, since 2019. Through a combination of online business experience and technical know-how, she helps female entrepreneurs use podcasting as a strategic asset in their business and grow their authority online.

Since inception, Cait and her team have launched multiple chart-topping podcasts and they produce shows with hundreds of thousands of downloads. In addition to outsourcing her podcasting talents for others, she is the creator and host of the Momentum Makers. Here, Cait leads a podcast where she helps women break free from analysis paralysis and start taking massive action in their lives and businesses.

Cait is quickly becoming the Go-To strategist in this sector. Readers can visit Cait’s website and check on the variety of services which she offers.

Scott Stockdale (@entrepreneurscanparty)

Scott Stockdale is living proof you can do what you love and be successful. He is the creator and host of Entrepreneurs Can Party, a top-10 rated podcast where entrepreneurs let loose and prove that having a business is a lot of fun. Sure, it’s challenging and it’s hard work, but if it wasn’t fun, would there be so many successful entrepreneurs out there?

The podcast provides a unique perspective, which is why it has become so popular around the world. It has been listened to by people in over 50 countries because it provides highly valuable content. Now, Scott has released his own Udemy course, “Outsource to a Virtual Assistant: Systems, Hire & Manage”.

The course is based on his experience outsourcing over 10 hours of work a week to a personal assistant. This has been essential to his success because he has been able to focus on the things he’s really good at, whilst being able to explore other money-making opportunities. Scott dives into the nitty-gritty of hiring help online from deciding what tasks to outsource to managing a VA, and everything in between. The course is up and running, waiting for you to absorb everything it has to offer.

We would like to thank Two Comma PR for compiling this article and speaking with the exciting crop of Podpreneurs discussed. You can follow all of our Podpreneurs online and we are confident that they will continue to climb the podcast charts in 2021.

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