Diffblue’s First AI-Powered Automated Java Unit Testing Solution Is Now Free for Commercial and Open Source Software Developers


OXFORD, United Kingdom, March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Diffblue, creators of the world’s first AI for code solution that automates writing unit tests for Java, today announced that its free IntelliJ plugin, Diffblue Cover: Community Edition, is now available to use to create unit tests for all of an organization’s Java code – both open source and commercial.

Free for any individual user, the IntelliJ plugin is available here for immediate download. It supports both IntelliJ versions 2020.02 and 2020.03. The Diffblue Cover: Community Edition to date has already automatically created nearly 150,000 Java unit tests!

Diffblue also offers a professional version for commercial customers who require premium support as well as indemnification and the ability to write tests for packages. In addition, Diffblue offers a CLI version of Diffblue Cover, perfect for teams to collaborate using.

Diffblue’s pioneering technology, developed by researchers from the University of Oxford, is based on reinforcement learning, the same machine learning strategy that powered AlphaGo, Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind’s software program that beat the world champion player of Go.

Diffblue Cover automates the burdensome task of writing Java unit tests, a task that takes up as much as 20 percent of Java developers’ time. Diffblue Cover creates Java tests at speeds 10X-100X faster than humans that are also easy for developers to understand, and automatically maintains the tests as the code evolves even on applications with tens of millions of lines of code.


Most unit test generators create boilerplate code for tests, rather than tests that compile and run. These tools guess the inputs that can be used as a starting point, but developers have to finish them to get functioning tests. Diffblue Cover is uniquely able to create complete human-readable unit tests that are ready to run immediately.

Diffblue Cover today supports Java, the most popular enterprise programming language in the Global 2000. The technology behind Diffblue Cover can also be extended to support other popular programming languages such as Python, Javascript and C#.

About Diffblue

Diffblue is leading the automation of software creation through the power of AI. Founded by researchers from the University of Oxford, Diffblue Cover uses AI for code to write unit tests that help software teams and organizations efficiently improve their code coverage and quality and to ship software faster, more frequently and with fewer defects. With customers including AWS and Goldman Sachs, Diffblue is venture-backed by Goldman Sachs and Oxford Sciences Innovation. Follow us on Twitter: @diffblueHQ

Editorial contact Diffblue

Lonn Johnston, Flak42

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