Everdome Advances Metaverse Connectivity: Unifying Creator-Led Spaces with Digital Environments

Today, the Dubai-based metaverse company Everdome unveiled a significant leap forward in the next evolution of the internet. Their new development unites creator-led destinations, enabling seamless transition between different metaverse worlds built by Everdome and their community of digital pioneers.

Interoperability and travel across metaverse worlds are key elements to the successful evolution of the internet’s next iteration. According to the World Economic Forum’s governance track, interoperability in the metaverse can present enormous opportunities and value for frictionless experiences, development and economies.

Creator-led content is also a key element of successful metaverse mass adoption. Everdome’s latest development integrates Spaces with City HQ, granting public access to a multitude of locations and smooth travel between them within the digital world.

In Q4 2023, Everdome launched their new SPACES application as an alpha, which delivered easy-to-use, customisable and engaging metaverse pop-up spaces that can be created in a matter of minutes.

Today this Metaverse-as-a-Service product was integrated into their detailed digital destination, Everdome’s reimagining of a future Martian City headquarters, in a big step forward for the exploration of interoperability and travel between metaverse worlds.

Their metaverse experience is also now fully open to the general public for the first time, with web3 creators and visitors of all types now able to gain full access across Everdome’s Martian exploration experience to discover and create inside this new medium for connection.

Now, all digital creators can quickly spin up their personal unique metaverse destination with their own mix of media content, which automatically becomes part of Everdome’s main metaverse hub inside their city headquarters building.

Visitors and creators alike can now travel between these metaverse worlds by simply walking through a door inside Everdome’s immersive digital environment, with full avatar interactions across the environment.

Everdome CEO Jeremy Lopez states,‘‘Transition between metaverse worlds remains a key challenge for the metaverse environment as a whole – and our step to unite creator experiences with Everdome’s core HQ building is a vital first move as we pioneer user experience of movement across a digital landscape.’’

The Everdome team merges the power of Unreal Engine 5 with blockchain technology and the simple onboarding of the web2 experience, wrapping them together to create easy-to-use metaverse templates enabling users to showcase images, video, streaming and more to invited guests – who can then react and socialise using avatars in a three-dimensional, immersive and interactive environment.

Jeremy adds: ‘‘Uniting Everdome’s core city building with all creator-led experiences brings a new era of accessibility across our environment – making HQ a true hub for interaction across a vibrant community of metaverse creators.’’

This step begins the process of uniting all of Everdome’s digital world under one banner, gradually encompassing their wider Journey to Mars experience and digital lands with interconnected creator-led content for a truly unique new medium of connection and interaction.

Key partners such as Binance Fan Token, BWT Alpine F1 team, Bybit, and Alfa Romeo F1 Team are already leading the way, demonstrating the immense potential for audience engagement within Everdome’s immersive metaverse. This is just the beginning, with exciting new developments on the horizon as Everdome powers towards an action-packed 2024.

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