Apto Payments Launches Instant Issuance Platform

Apto Payments, a next-generation cards and payments company, today announced the launch of its Instant Issuance platform, a self-serve, developer platform that allows companies, merchants, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes and industries to issue debit cards. With Instant Issuance, card programs for challenger banks, employee payroll, rewards and loyalty programs, and many other use cases can be built with just a few hours of development.

Designed with developers in mind, the Instant Issuance platform offers a frictionless, self-serve experience that allows companies to quickly bring their card programs to market. While card issuance is often a slow and complex process, Apto’s Instant Issuance platform allows developers to start working in sandbox within minutes. The platform also makes it seamless and easy to switch from development to production, customize cards, onboard users, and track sign-ups and revenue. Going from sign-up to having physical cards in the hands of users can happen in as little as a week.

“Historically, card issuance has required immense time and resources just to establish relationships with the requisite players, deal with compliance hurdles, and, finally, initiate the program. At Apto, we believe card issuance is overdue for an update,” said Meg Nakamura, Co-Founder and CEO of Apto Payments. “With our Instant Issuance platform, we are not only making the process easier, but fairer and more equitable.”

The instant issuance platform represents a key milestone in Apto’s mission to help democratize the financial services industry and improve accessibility to sophisticated payments solutions for players of all sizes and categories.

“Apto has always been at the cutting edge of card issuance, having created the first bitcoin-backed debit card and worked on programs for many early innovators in the payments space,” said Greg Kidd, Co-Founder of Apto Payments. “By lowering the barriers for companies to enter the market quickly, we are continuing to change the game and move the payments industry forward.”

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