Rhymetec Celebrates Continued Growth and New ISO 42001 Offering


Rhymetec, a leader in cloud security known for its innovative cybersecurity, compliance, and data privacy services tailored to SaaS businesses, today announced its significant business growth and the launch of new services.

The company has reported a 40% year-over-year revenue increase, highlighting its stability and success in the dynamic cybersecurity market. This growth underscores Rhymetec’s ability to fulfill the increasing demand for advanced cybersecurity solutions, including a new service focused on AI compliance.

New Offerings and Service Enhancements

Rhymetec has introduced a new service centered around ISO 42001, a standard dedicated to AI compliance. This addition enhances Rhymetec’s managed compliance services within its vCISO (Virtual CISO) program. Working alongside key industry partners, Rhymetec now offers bundled end-to-end compliance solutions to help organizations adeptly navigate the evolving regulatory landscape concerning AI.

“Rhymetec continues to lead the way in AI compliance with our new ISO 42001 service offering,” stated Metin Kortak, CISO of Rhymetec. “This compliance aids organizations in using AI responsibly and upholds ethical AI practices, which is crucial for maintaining trust with partners, prospects, and stakeholders.”

In addition to its service offerings, Rhymetec is committed to thought leadership and education in cybersecurity. The company recently published a “Cybersecurity for SMBs” guide, designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses with crucial insights and tools to improve their security measures and overcome common cybersecurity challenges.

Rhymetec’s cybersecurity services are now also accessible on the AWS marketplace, providing users with a centralized platform to discover, purchase, and manage third-party software, data, and services that operate on AWS.

New Strategic Partnership

Rhymetec is pleased to announce a new partnership with BARR Advisory, a leading industry firm. This collaboration will enhance Rhymetec’s service offerings and extend its market reach.

“Partnering with Rhymetec allows us to bring more robust security and compliance services to organizations globally, thereby strengthening their security postures,” said Julie Mungai, Senior Manager of Attest Services at BARR Advisory. “This partnership is geared towards equipping our clients with integrated solutions that streamline their security efforts and better prepare them against the evolving threat landscape.”

International Presence and Conference Participation

This year, Rhymetec marked its presence at major industry events, including Collision in Toronto, its largest conference to date, and hosting the Compliance Corner at the RSA Conference in collaboration with partners Vanta and A-LIGN. These events are part of Rhymetec’s strategy to expand its global footprint and connect with an international audience.

For more details about Rhymetec and its array of cybersecurity services, visit the website.

Source: prnewswire.com