Problems that take a decade to solve can potentially be achieved in a year with AI, says Automation Anywhere’s Prince Kohli


In Short

  • AI-enabled automation can help reduce costs for companies.
  • Automation Anywhere offers a suite of AI tools to automate work processes.
  • Specific tasks within organizations can be automated using AI Agents.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming industries at an unprecedented pace. Companies are leveraging these technologies to accelerate processes, enhance productivity, and create innovative solutions. At the Imagine AI event in Austin, Texas, India Today spoke with Prince Kohli, CTO of Automation Anywhere, about how AI is revolutionizing automation and how enterprises can responsibly deploy these advancements without compromising digital security.

The Power of AI-Enhanced Automation

Is automation still relevant with AI in the picture? “Automation uses AI to get better,” said Prince Kohli. “It will always be complementary.” He emphasized that AI is a powerful tool for understanding and extracting valuable information, which is then used to optimize automated processes. For instance, in the banking sector, AI can analyze millions of transactions daily to identify anomalies, flag suspicious activities, and ensure compliance. This synergy between AI and automation enables tasks to be completed with greater productivity and accuracy than ever before.

One significant advantage of AI in automation is its ability to reduce time-intensive processes. “In drug discovery, what typically takes a decade can potentially be achieved in a year with AI,” Kohli noted. This dramatic reduction in time is not limited to pharmaceuticals but spans various industries, enhancing efficiency and output.

AI Tools for Seamless Integration

California-based Automation Anywhere provides a suite of user-friendly tools designed to make AI integration seamless for enterprises. These tools are developed to be accessible while concealing the complexities of the underlying technologies. Kohli highlighted the company’s Co-Pilot feature, launched last year at the Imagine event, which integrates with applications like Microsoft and Salesforce. “We are trying to ensure that companies don’t have to understand the complexities of the process or the technology and can still use them,” he said. This approach allows even non-technical users to harness the power of AI to drive productivity.

Training and skill development are crucial for effectively deploying AI tools. “We enable people to create those tools and provide training on how to use them,” Kohli mentioned. For developers, Automation Anywhere offers functionalities like prompt auto-tuning, allowing them to create models and set up guardrails effortlessly. This democratization of AI tools promotes broader adoption and innovative use cases within organizations.

Real-World Applications in India

Kohli shared several success stories from India, highlighting tangible benefits from AI-enhanced automation for clients like Tata Sky and Indian Oil Corporation. In contact centers, processes that used to take 6-8 minutes are now significantly faster due to AI’s ability to pull relevant customer information instantly. “When it’s an email, the AI can parse the data and provide a comprehensive answer to the query,” Kohli said, illustrating how AI agents are evolving from basic support tools to intelligent assistants.