Treasury Prime and FS Vector team up to enhance BaaS compliance


Treasury Prime, a leading embedded banking software company, has announced a strategic partnership with FS Vector, a regulatory advisory firm.

This collaboration will integrate FS Vector’s regulatory compliance training platform, Headmaster™, into the Treasury Prime Partner Marketplace.

The partnership aims to bolster the compliance capabilities of fintechs and banks within Treasury Prime’s network. By focusing on compliance, this collaboration will provide valuable training resources and ensure reliable consulting support as needed.

Treasury Prime connects banks and enterprise partners seamlessly, offering embedded banking software and a robust partner marketplace. FS Vector specializes in building, launching, and scaling Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms, providing compliance support and regulatory training.

Through this partnership, Treasury Prime will offer FS Vector’s Headmaster platform, which delivers comprehensive regulatory education and tracking for fintech companies. The platform ensures that fintechs are well-prepared for compliance obligations, fostering successful BaaS relationships.

Kyle Costello, Treasury Prime’s head of partnerships, stated, “FS Vector’s team has worked with fintechs and banks in Treasury Prime’s network over the past few years and has played a vital role in ensuring they are ready for their BaaS journey. With sponsor banks more focused on compliance than ever, we’re thrilled to officially partner with FS Vector to bring valuable compliance training resources to our network and peace of mind for our customers that a reliable consulting firm is ready to step in when needed.”

FS Vector Principal Justin Muscolino emphasized the importance of compliance in BaaS relationships. “Successful BaaS relationships hinge on a shared understanding of and respect for the compliance obligations that a bank and their fintech program are subject to. Our Headmaster platform provides fintechs with the education that sets these relationships up for success in a cost-effective way. We believe that compliance and risk management training should be something that employees enjoy taking, and with the Headmaster, fintechs have a user-friendly platform that makes training relevant, accurate, and role-specific.”