Security risks and IT costs won’t impede AI progress: NetApp


In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, NetApp, the leading provider of intelligent data infrastructure, addressed the burgeoning adoption of AI across enterprises, asserting that challenges such as security risks and IT costs will not hinder its advancement.

The company emphasized that the rise of AI must be accompanied by the deployment of intelligent data infrastructure, supported by insights from a recent IDC Whitepaper titled “The Critical Role of an Intelligent Data Infrastructure,” which highlighted that 20% of AI projects fail due to inadequate infrastructure.

NetApp’s 2024 Cloud Complexity Report revealed significant AI adoption globally, with 76% of technology companies currently implementing or planning AI projects. Following closely, the BFSI sector reported 55% engagement in AI initiatives. In India, an impressive 70% of companies have active AI projects, surpassing the global average of 49%, with 91% planning to use more than half of their data for AI model training by 2024, underscoring a robust commitment to data-driven AI advancements.

Despite the proven benefits and eagerness to embrace AI, organizations encounter formidable challenges during their AI transformation journeys. Key obstacles include escalating IT costs, security concerns, and the complexity of accessing dispersed data stored in siloed infrastructures. Successful AI integration hinges on the presence of a resilient intelligent data infrastructure. NetApp’s solutions enable enterprises to seamlessly access data from any location while ensuring robust security, data protection, and governance.

NetApp has witnessed growing demand from customers seeking to build intelligent data infrastructures leveraging public and hybrid clouds to support burgeoning data-intensive workloads such as AI, cloud-native applications, open-source technologies, and enterprise applications. These initiatives are crucial for safeguarding data against ransomware attacks while enhancing performance and scalability.

Puneet Gupta, Managing Director of NetApp India/SAARC, emphasized, “Data and Artificial Intelligence are pivotal for driving business innovation. Intelligent data infrastructure is foundational in empowering enterprises to unlock the full potential of AI technology.” He highlighted NetApp’s recent enhancements designed to deliver superior performance, increased density, and scalability for AI infrastructure, supported by a strong partnership with NVIDIA in the GenAI space.

Highlighting the critical need for cyber resilience in AI implementations, Shuja Mirza, Director of Solutions Engineering at NetApp, stated, “Our solutions are designed to ensure rapid response and recovery in the event of cyber-attacks, addressing crucial data management concerns essential for successful AI deployments.”

AI stands poised to revolutionize industries and redefine business operations. With its comprehensive intelligent data infrastructure, NetApp facilitates universal data accessibility, robust security measures, and effective governance, thereby optimizing infrastructure and application efficiency while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and sustainability. These capabilities bolster AI strategies, driving superior outcomes and operational success for businesses.